Hello, everyone!

I just want to let you know that I have not given up on this story...I just lost my muse. But don't worry because it's slowly and surely returning. But I've decided that I will not finish the next chapter anytime soon.

Now, before you grab your pitch forks and order a hunt for my head, I want to let you all know that I'm rewriting. Yep, that's right. Demon's Friendship is going through RECONSTRUCTION. I reread some the first chapters and I had to stop because of my overall suckiness. Therefore, I've decided to rewrite all the chapters I've posted so far.

Don't worry, DF will stay relatively true to the plot I've already written. I'm just going through each chapter, touching it up here and there, and tweaking a few things now and then. I am going to change some of the characters' ages, and possibly descriptions, but nothing major will be changed. I want to fill in some plot holes because when I looked over it, I realized DF has several plot holes that need to be fixed.

Trust me, when I'm done with this whole reconsturction thing, this story will be much better before. I've already started work on Chapter 1, and it is, in my opinion, turning out pretty well. The bonus is that chapters will probably be longer because I'm going into more detail and putting a lot more effort into this story then I was back when I was 12.

I'm leaving all my original chapters up here, but as soon as I finish rewriting a couple of chapters, I'm going to take the existing chapters down and then update the new ones.

I hope you all support my decision. Thank you for reading DF so far!