Sometimes I feel like giving up
Sometimes I feel like I can't give you enough
Am I holding you back?
Tell me the truth
I need to know if this is killing you
You swore you'd do anything for me
I hope you don't resent me
For all you've given up
You said you don't
And I believe you
But I don't want there to be tension
I couldn't stand if you felt
That I am holding you back
I love you with all my heart
In my eyes you are everything
You are perfection
There is nothing I wouldn't do for you
You have me wholly
If that's what you want
I'd die for you
If you asked me to
Your happiness is what I need
Wherever I look
You are all I see
Without you, I'd be nothing
Without you, I'd have nothing
Before you, I didn't know how to smile
With you, that is all I can do
This distance hurts so bad
But I will never give up what we have
You are my one true love
And I will never give you up