A/N: This was originally a nightmare of mine. It's altered and what not but I loved the idea. Go my brain! Yay! I was the 'Katy' of the story, my nephew would be Madison, and the husband…was my mother. I made it a little more realistic to make it a family. (Not to say my dream wasn't frighteningly realistic to me anyways.) Nonetheless, have fun reading something that plays a role in why I generally don't sleep much anymore! I tried three times to start this. So I went with my default idea and I'm throwing you the action within the first three paragraphs there about. I guarantee though it seems it for the first chapter, this is not your average murder story. There are no cops. There is no hero. There is no definite killer. And the blame…well that one's up for grabs.

I'm so sadistic it scares me.

'Till Death Do We Part

By: Alysha-Lyn's Nightmares

The three-year-old Madison had been screaming his lungs off for God-only knows how long. Katy, his mother, rolled over and rubbed her eyes with one hand as the other attempted to shake her heavy-sleeper husband awake. "Michael," she hissed his name and shook him slightly harder. "Michael, wake up. Madison's still crying and it's two in the morning! I have to go places in a few hours! Go get him." Michael mumbled something about how Madison'd stop on his own if she'd stop babying him for once, and then rolled over and continued to sleep soundly. Katy decided it was her business to get up at that point, smacking her husband with the pillow and heading down the hall.

She went into Madison's room, flicking on the light, only to find he wasn't in there. She instantly became worried, rushing about the house in search of the missing three-year-old. Katy rushed into the living room, but stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw. A shiver ran down her spine as she stared at the forms of two men covered in black suits about two inches thick and plastic looking, as well as motorcycle helmets covering their heads. One of the men was holding a knife to the already bleeding Madison's throat, letting it slip gently into the screaming child's skin and slice downward just enough to make a series of bleeding scratches.

The other man was holding up a pink poster and spinning a marker in his hand. Upon it in silver permanent marker were the words "Don't scream. If you do, your child will meet his end. My friend here takes great pride in bloodshed." The words alone made her shiver but she didn't move, and she obeyed the sign. Her autumn gold eyes were shining with fear as she stared a the men, wanting to call out to both her son and her husband, but she wouldn't let them take away her son for her mistakes. Her eyes went to the bleeding neck of her child that had recently begun to scream out to her directly and reach out his hands to her as if she were an angel that could save him just as she had saved him earlier that day from the dog when it tackled him and began to lick at his face. But this was no dog, and she was not an angel.

The man holding the marker turned his head towards his friend, looking at the poster and flipping it over, continuing his sign with a steady hand. With every stroke of a the man's hand, Katy began to shiver more and more. She was furious and frightened, but more dominantly hopeless and already playing beaten. Anything they wanted would be theirs at any cost. The man writing flashed the sign at her again and her eyes scouted it.

"How about a trade? You come with us and he won't." She nodded her head and the man holding the sign and the marker dropped them. He held up a pair of handcuffs, a collar, and a leash. Her eyes scouted them as she went to step forward, but the man holding the knife pressed it further into her son's neck and she instantly stopped. Katy lifted up her hands with her wrists put the together, and the man holding the gear stepped forward and cuffed her. He put the collar around her neck as tears began to stream her face. He put the leash on and suddenly moved to slam the back of her knees. She instantly fell and he pulled her like a dog on her hands and knees forward.

The man leading her took no bother in speed, gently pulling her forwards to be just out of arm's length of her son. She reached out, but the man leading her sent his foot forward to crush her hand back onto the ground. Katy bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming after letting out a small gasp and seeing the blade dig into Madison's neck further and causing more blood to trickle down his small, pale neck. She wanted to scream even more, and wanted to move but when she even twitched towards doing so the boot came down to crush her hand even harder. She did give a faint scream but she couldn't help it. The man crushing her hand reached out and took the knife from the other, pressing the tip into her nose with the same hand that held her leash. Her eyes went over to stare at the man holding her son as she went to fight at last, but once more found herself freezing as the man produced a gun and pressed it to the screaming boy's temple.

Katy looked up helplessly to the man that held the knife to her, whimpering and speaking low. "Do what you will, just don't hurt him." He laughed and spun the knife around with his padded hand gripped around the blade of the crimson-tinted kitchen knife that she just now recognized was one of her own. He pushed the handle against her nose and she brought up her good hand to grip it. Fire sparked in her eyes as she went to jab the knife into the man's hand, but found the knife wouldn't cut through the plastic. She went to scream out again but the man took his other hand and gripped the wrist of her hand that held the knife. His other hand yanked at the leash and forced the air out of her so that no noise would escape her as they struggled over the return of the knife.

Her hands were weak though and she didn't experience enough gain in strength to even begin to fight him. Eventually she released and the man tossed the knife back at his companion. The knife fell at Madison's feet, and the man reached around and picked up the instrument. Katy was yanked back onto her feet, rubbing her hand and crying.

"Let him go." She managed to gasp out and the man holding her leash nodded his head in agreement. The man seemed to inspect the knife for a bit but lifted it and slit the child's throat. Madison tried to scream but couldn't, staring up at his mother and reaching his hands out to her once more. His hazel eyes screamed to her about his terror and pain before clouding over with death, and he was dropped to the floor. The knife was dropped beside him. She went to scream out at once, but the man holding her leash didn't give her a chance. While she was distracted and reaching out to her son a white cloth was shoved over her nose and mouth. She instantly sucked in the knock-out drug that drenched the cloth, her vision fading as she went limp in her new master's arms.

The man that had slain her son stood up and took off his helmet, the same beaten and dead eyes were on his face as was his victim. "He's been freed, miss. I only wish you could be. Just know this wasn't my choice. I'll apologize again when you wake up." He put his helmet back in place as his companion tossed her towards him.

"Come on, David. We don't have time for your bull. She goes up for sale in three hours." David nodded his head and his companion lifted up the poster and marker that had previously been in his hands. The two left together as soundly as they'd come, through the unlocked door of this small town house where everybody knew everybody else and nobody at the same time.

To be continued!

A/N: I'm thinking this will be around three or four chapters. Maybe even two. I warn you though, this was like only the first ten minutes of my dream.

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