A/N: Okay. I know this ending kind of sucks. But it happened in my dream and I wanted to stay true to it. I made a promise to myself that as soon as I found the page I'd get working and finish then. Then I'm going to write a new chapter for cursed, and hopefully get to work on a…gasp! ROMANCE! (Then again, David and Katy seem very couple-y don't they? I don't know. They do to me. Kind of. I guess. What do you think?)

Chapter 4:

David had let go of her, gripping the handle the doors with a shudder. He went tense just for a moment, something rare. He turned to look at her and suddenly let out a small laugh. "Doesn't matter anyways. We can't keep Scarlette waiting too long. Come on, sweetheart. You're fate is in your hands." He pushed open the door and held it open.

Katy stepped through with a blank expression, staring forward at the cement floor. It opened into a cage. Scarlette was standing with a dagger in her hand and a blindfold covering her eyes. David slammed the door shut suddenly behind her and her throat caught in her chest. She couldn't find someone. Especially someone that was blindfolded! She instantly fell her to knees and put her forehead to the cement floor. Scarlette shook at the thudding noise, knowing only that her opponent had stepped into the ring.

Scarlette was standing there, clearly waiting to hear something that she could strike at within distance. Katy began to sob on the floor, and began to beat her head against the cement. Several people in the crowd shouted about how there'd better be a fight, and that they didn't pay their money to see two women doing nothing to each other. The even seemed mostly filled with men. The voices hit both girl's ears awkwardly and neither of them were really conscious of the shouts.

Nathan noticed the problem and gave a shout, smacking his hands against the wire fence of the caged in arena. "Damn it! Listen you blonde little bitch you get your ass up and fight or you're going to be regretting it! It's that, or just give up! They people came to see blood and woman beating the fuck out of each other. They paid good money so you two better get blood FAST!"

But Katy hardly heard him. She sat up, her eyes looking like crumbled autumn leaves once more. Winter had set in within her skull. She got up, walking numbly over to the outside of the cage and looking down at Nathan. "No. I'm not going to fight. Kill me if you like. I don't care anymore."

"So you give up? I thought so. I didn't think you'd last a minute in here. I could tell when I had you on your knees before me." He lifted his hand and snapped his fingers. A bell went off and David walked into the cage. He went straight past Katy as if she wasn't real, reaching out and grabbing Scarlette. Scarlette then thrust the dagger, managing to pierce through David's armor. He gave a gasp and took a step back, the dagger still embedded in his gut. She pulled back, ripping off the blindfold and looking.

David took off his helmet, giving a gack. His eyes met Scarlette's and she started crying.

After all, David had been her father more than Nathan had.

His eyes misted over and he gasped slightly, fingering the would. "Eh. It's…not so bad…." He closed his eyes, suddenly falling forwards. The crowd cheered with delight as Scarlette shrieked, the blade falling to her feet. Tears lined her face and Nathan looked up with a scowl.

"Fuck, Scarlette! He was useful!"

Katy looked over to him. She felt glad that he'd died. He deserved anything he got. He'd willingly condemned other creatures to their deaths. She looked back at Nathan through the fence, giving a small cough as she hollowly stared at him. "Don't forget I'm here."

Nathan turned sharply to look at her. "Oh. My. I did forget! Thank you so much for reminding me that you're to be tortured!" Her body shivered and she sobbed. She wanted death. Not torture.

"H-haven't I been tortured enough?" Her voice was low and so were her eyes. Nathan gave a malice grin from beneath his visor that Katy could literally feel upon her. She backed away from the fencing as he turned around, taking a microphone into his hands.

A moment later his voice boomed throughout the building. "Attention my beautiful audience! This woman just asked if she's had enough torture? What do you think?!" Most the crowd started cackling at her as she fell to her knees, sobbing into her arms. Scarlette picked up the dagger and slipped into her boots as she moved over and slid her arms around Katy. They both held each other in silent understand as they cried, and Nathan gave a scoff.

"Well, I don't think she's had enough either! She's given up, so we all know what that means! Our deceased David is a lovely fellow, and he warned me that little Miss Katy here couldn't hold her own if we made her! So we've decided to test and see how her loving husband looks as a broken body on the floor!" Katy lifted her head and screamed, suddenly running to the fence and shaking it. She couldn't control herself.

"Don't you dare hurt him! He didn't do anything! You leave him alone!!"

Nathan titled his head to the side, grinning wickedly as he spoke into the microphone. He got a sarcastic tone and acted as if he were a nurse making an announcement. It was apparently his idea of a joke and it made Katy shake. She was frightened for her lover more than anything. Her muscles tensed. Scarlette kept her eyes on Katy, something wicked flashing through her face as her fingers came down to nurse at the edge of her boot. "Paging, Dr. Death! Paging! We have an emergency in the arena. Please bring in the patient and stop keeping him too yourself you little whore!"

Some of the people in the crowd chuckled again as she stood up, rattling the cage once more. "Don't you dare hurt him! I'll fucking kill you! I swear to God I'll--" She froze as cold steel was suddenly pressed against her throat. Scarlette was standing behind her. Her face had frozen over as she toyed with Katy's neck.

"It's for the best. You won't have to watch." She said, but it was too late. The man aptly called Dr. Death had walked down the middle aisle of people with Michael pressed against him. Katy shook and screamed out to him but he said nothing. Blood caked his hair and he had a black eye. His lips were drenched in blood and his body seemed paler than she'd ever seen it. Her entire body raked with fear for him as she finally let her sanity free. She screamed, cried, thrashed, and began fighting Scarlette.

Scarlette didn't seem surprised by this, but continued to play on the defensive as she did her best to keep away from the deranged woman. Nathan was laughing as the crowd began to cheer. "Well, well, looks like she's got a hint of life in her! This must be her second wind! Speaking of wind… how about we get a nice breeze through that man over there's guts?!" The crowd was going wild and Nathan was clearly on a power trip as he began laughing.

Michael didn't sob as a knife was plunged into his chest cavity and dragged down. He was almost unconscious as was, and simply passed out. The 'doctor' continued to play with his body though, and a few of the people in the crowd decided to join in. Several of them even claimed bits of his clothes or body as a souvenir for the day's wonderful bloodshed.

Katy froze up, her mind so in-tune with her lover that she seemed to sense is soul leave his body. She screamed in anguish as Scarlette sent the dagger forward and pierced it directly through Katy's eye. The knife came forward, puncturing into the brain but Katy didn't even seem conscious of the blade. She merely collapsed against Scarlette, dying almost instantly and crushing the young girl back onto the ground. Scarlette whined about how heavy Katy was, and Nathan laughed as he looked back at his daughter.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" He said with a malice grin that caused Scarlette to cringe as she finally kicked Katy's body off of her. She clambered free and approached the edge of the cage. There eyes met as he lifted his visor, looking at her lovingly. She tensed up and nodded her head.

She then smiled down at him, a genuine happy smile. "Yeah. Every time I help you put on a good show. Now let me out of here and let's go get dinner. I'm fucking starved!" Nathan laughed and signified for Scarlette to be let out of the cage. A few other cronies instantly did so and she stepped over the bodies of the two as if they were just dirt.

And as she thought back on how many times she'd done this for her father now… they were just dirt. Dirt on a showroom floor. Just like everyone else.