Soon by writerforever

The days are going by faster

In my dreams I see You

You seem to be ever present

In my heart and thoughts

My heart is longing



For You to split open the skies

For You to rescue me from this dying world

Sometimes I think I can hear the trumpet

Sometimes I think I can hear Your voice

Calling for me

Get ready everyone

The King of all creation is coming soon

Let us rejoice

And be glad

Let us watch

And wait

Jesus is coming soon

Whether anyone believes it or not

He is coming

No amount of unbelief will stop Him

Soon we will see our Lord

Soon we will bow in His holy presence

Soon we will lay in His arms

Soon we will sing praises to Him in person

Oh how I long for that day!

Soon it will come

Soon I will be in His loving arms


Can't you almost hear?

Can't you almost hear the trumpet?

Can't you almost hear His voice calling?

Do not turn Him away now

Because of your unbelief

Believe His words

And turn to Him

He is coming soon

Soon we will fly