You're my angel,
And I'm singing this, just for you.
You're my savior,
And I'm being me, just for you. (who else would earn it?)

Chorus: And I'm not
Everything you've ever deserved and ever claimed,
But I've been hoping, babe, (Just a little hope now and then)
That you'll be mine and love me all the same.
Heaven's coming down
To greet this lonely world and make it sane.
The angel's are missing you,
But I won't let you go ever again... (No never again.)

You made me believe
There's a reason to bother with this life.
I was lost,
But you've made me more through all our strife. (We've had more than our share...)

From the bottom,
I feel you screaming your pleas and I know you sacrificed.
You gave me your wings,
And you're my new world Jesus Christ. (Oh, I mean it in the good way...)


They cut us off from heaven,
But you broke down the golden gates just for my sake.
I can't believe
They would ever harm you and claim you're fake...! (You're not a fake!)

This ain't no second class,
Not something for someone who doesn't believe in love so young.
Can't you see our stars now babe..? (They shine so bright for us...)
Our own personal heaven has already begun...

Chorus X2

More than the fight they think we lost
You're everything that it would ever cost (it's worth every life in this place..)
To lose these wings and plummet down
To over throw this king you must break his crown

Can't you feel it babe?

This is Heaven coming down....

It's coming down...

You brought it down...

A/N: I have been stuck on trying to make a song for WEEKS... I needed one and it just wouldn't come to me... then I sit down to my lj and start typing nothing in perticular and low and behold. a song. just for me. lol. I like it alot actually I think it's my favorite I've written yet. But my opinion doesn't matter, what do you think of it?