Little Wishes Come True

It all started in 300 B.C. in Murmansk, Russia. The country was at a Civil War; the sorceresses were trying to take over the humans. Humans had little protection due to they only had hand-made weapons to protect themselves. A baby girl was born December sixth of that year. Blizzards denominated the town of Mumansk. A sorceress gave special powers to the baby named Roxelle Kikicho. Her parents were so pleased with this little gift. Roxelle would soon learn not to trust the closest people close to her.

Seven years passed by, I had become close to my parents. I had found out that at birth a sorceress gave me special powers. Her name is Risikia; I realized that I didn't acknowledge them until I was three. My parents and I were in a shop; I wanted a piece of tart. The next thing I knew, a piece of tart had appeared in my hand. It happened several times before, but never noticed them until that day. I grew up without any friends; everybody thought I was weird and strange. Parents didn't want their kids to play with me. I never quite understood why. Everybody gave me strange looks when I staggered down the road past their houses. My parents were my "everything". My mom had blonde straight hair. She was slim and always wore pretty dresses. My father always wore suits made out of expensive materials, he was taller than my mom, and had a fat belly. It was February tenth, I found my parents. They were dead. Murdered. I couldn't believe; I refused to believe it. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I closed my eyes and made a wish "I wish that I could find out the truth about how my parents died?" I whispered to no one in particular.

Suddenly, a knock came from the door. A stranger stood there frozen. He was strange, freaky, and even scary. She has dark green, penetrating eyes, a long face, and a dark hood covered her head. She wore a black robe that covered her clothes. A memory appeared in my mind, it wasn't mine. "Could it be hers?" I wondered It took me back to the day before yesterday. I was sleeping in my bed. My parents were talking to her.

"Make me a deal," whispered the stranger softly.

"What would that be Risikia?" spoke my father.

"Give me your child, she is not supposed to be in this world. She is supposed to be in my world" spoke this Risikia.

"No she stays here with us, instead take us. I have an idea what you are planning" spoke my mother in a stern voice. My father gave her a strange, foreign look. My mother nodded her head; he must've realized that he should agree with her because he nodded his head too.

"That settles it, I will be here tomorrow," spoke Risikia in a softer voice.

"Why do they want me?" I asked myself. "I shouldn't be in this world?" What does that mean? I broke free of the memory.

"What do you want?" I asked her harshly. I didn't want my parents to die. It was not something I wished for. They shouldn't have been taken away from me!

"I want to explain things to you, things you don't know" she spoke softly to me.

"I don't want an explanation, I WANT MY PARENTS BACK!" I screamed at her. She was startled at first. A knock came from the front door. "Who could that be?" we asked in unison. I opened the door to find that it was my parents. I have wished the back. They held out a piece of paper to me. It had the words "That's how I became known as 'Captain'! THE END"