Corner/Inferno - 9/16/2005

I stare...
upon the corner pondering...
pondering, about this simple corner.
What if this corner never existed?
What if you and I were a part of someone's dream?
What if this life as we know it, is just a lie?
The ability to question is strength.
The ability to ask ourselves why we exist is bravery.
For if ignorance is bliss, than the truth be pain.
Pain... below hell. Hell and below. Inferno.
Inferno.. it's blazing, it's seething, but above all.. it's death.
Death.. the only answer to truth.
So burn.
Inferno..., the sizzling flames of truth.


A/N: Freestyle #1.

Kakyou: You rock, and I owe you one. Peace.

you: This was our second encounter and I'm sorry to say that both encounters were indirect. I don't even know your name and I haven't even said a single word to you, but... thank you. This poem is dedicated to you.

(yes... ADD-san is weird, XD).