And you invade my privacy
Inside my head

There's so much you will never see
I can't remain
You make me feel like I might die
And all that's left
Is something I will never try

I must submit
But here I go, to fight again
This is so wrong
Through it all, I'm filled with disdain
I'll meet some fate
It may be yours it may be mine
It doesn't matter
Mortality is so refined

I take a step
And I appear to fall back down
You turn to me
And just as quickly turn around
I need some peace
A moment just to recollect
And yet I know
That you're too brutally direct

Just finish the job, my love
Get me out of this place
Finish me off, oh darling
But please don't let me see your face
Take a hacksaw blade
And pry the voice out of my throat
Do whatever it takes
Just do what you must.