This is Sarah
She is five feet, one inch tall, and proud of it
Brown eyes and black hair with red streaks
She is small, she is Chinese
She wears jeans and t-shirts, sweatshirts all day long
She is forgetful and clumsy at times, responsible at others
She is organized and sloppy, loud and quiet
This is her body.

This is Sarah
Spontaneous, annoying, wild and free
Her parents say un-lady like, she says personality
She runs, she jumps, she hollers, she screams
She loves thrill rides and haunted mansions
She loves traveling and camping
She loves the outdoors, she loves her friends
This is her heart.

This is Sarah
Shy, afraid to speak out, a loner
She can be teachers' and parents' pet alike
She is good, she is mannered, and she loves books
Nose buried inside the library surrounding
To her friends are far, not worth the trust
She is fearful of betrayal and unprepared change
Her peaceful world is filled with dragons and magic
This is her inner soul.

This is Sarah
Independent, friendly, and smiling
She desires to become a vet of some sort
Set on a job, a life with animals and more
She is afraid of the unknown, but willing to take chances
Even as she and her friends fly far, she hopes to stay connected
Several strands of a single rope
This is her mind.

This is Sarah
She is everything and nothing
One body, heart, soul, and mind
She is only who she is and what life has given her
This is me.