This is an attempted humor, what you see has been edited for easier reading

this stroy, along with the chapters soon to come, are from me and Fallen Roze Instent Messageing one another just to have fun, then she suggested that we post it up. hope you enjoy and please review.

Crazy Doctors

Fallen Roze: hehehe ahm I'm ok i swear…

Looks around innocently again still expecting the crazy doctors to come get me

Shadow Wisher: (singing) 'what ya gonna do when they come for you'

Fallen Roze: lmao

Shadow Wisher: slowly approaches the door, rope in hand, ready to grab the girl who thinks I'm a crazy doctor

Fallen Roze: ahhhh

Shadow Wisher: i think you should check the door ma'am

Fallen Roze: runs in my room climbs the ladder jumps into bed under the covers saying you can't take me away!!!

Shadow Wisher: hahaheheooahah

Fallen Roze: oo no

Shadow Wisher: we could join drama

Fallen Roze: yeah we could

I was in a drama class

Shadow Wisher: there is a sudden knock on the door, and rocks being tossed at your bedroom window... there are coming for you...hahahehehohoahah

Fallen Roze: NOOOO!!!

Hides in a new place (not disclosing where) and get a gun (a water gun mind you) to protect myself

Shadow Wisher: you hear the door creek open, have they enter? You ready the water gun and slowly approach them, and listen in to what they are saying

Fallen Roze: ooo what are they saying?

Shadow Wisher: 'where the girl go George?'

I don't know Fred, let's look around'

Fallen Roze: lol ooo is it Fred and George from Harry potter?!?!?!?!

Shadow Wisher: no, they are the crazy doctors!!!!

Fallen Roze: ooo :-(

Stays hidden careful not to let on where i am

Shadow Wisher: have any pets?

Fallen Roze: no :-(

I wanna get a doggy though

Shadow Wisher: well, let's play with a doggy

Fallen Roze: lol ahm... ok

Shadow Wisher: as your hunters roam the halls of your house, the come across your dog, what does the dog do?

Fallen Roze: the dog growls and then begs to be petted

Shadow Wisher: the hunters pet the dog, and ask to find you, what do you do?

Fallen Roze: if it gets close to me I squirt it with the water gun and it goes away

Shadow Wisher: you squirt the dog, reveling your position, what will you do as the feet of your hunters get closer?

Fallen Roze: i jump out the window

Shadow Wisher: one floor? Two floor?

Fallen Roze: ahmmm two floor...

Shadow Wisher: surprisingly, you land unharmed, you neighbors house is right across form you, you know them well, what will you do?

Fallen Roze: I run in there telling them that i jumped from the window because the crazy doctors were after me and they hide me i hope

Shadow Wisher: they agree to hide you, and call the police because to the crazy doctors, somehow you survive their wrath...

Apparently they have been tormenting many people for some time... and you are thankful they are finally behind bars

Fallen Roze: ooo my yay I'm safe!