This is an attempted humor, what you see has been edited for easier reading

this stroy, along with the chapters soon to come, are from me and Fallen Roze Instent Messageing one another just to have fun, then she suggested that we post it up. hope you enjoy and please review.

Seeing Gone Wrong

Shadow Wisher: 'Roze, look at the pretty lights'

Fallen Roze: 'what pretty lights? all I see is darkness!'

Shadow Wisher: 'them stars up there' notice that I'm not looking

Fallen Roze: 'I don't see them, I don't see anything! wait who stole my fuckin' eyes?'

Shadow Wisher: 'i think they rolled into your head'

Fallen Roze: 'no I can't feel them, I touched where they should be and there's nothing at all! and there's blood, blood everywhere!'

Shadow Wisher: 'um, i didn't know the stars did that much damage' 'you alright?'

Fallen Roze: 'NO!!!' 'My pretty eyes, there gone! someone stole my eyes!'

in the distant you hear a faint ho-ho-ho

Fallen Roze: 'HIM, not only did he once try to replace my brain with JELLO he stole my eyes! SANTA!'

Shadow Wisher: 'i didn't think you were that bad of a girl'

Fallen Roze: starts crying 'Ask him, ask him what I did to deserve this!'

Shadow Wisher: 'wait, it not Christmas either, Santa is evil except for 12/25, SANTA!!!!!'

Fallen Roze: 'omg! SANTA!!! I want my eyes back! why do you keep taking things that are mine?'

Shadow Wisher: 'wait, how do you cry without eyes?'

Fallen Roze: 'I'm not sure, I just mean I tried to cry, I don't know what happened'


Fallen Roze: you just hear an evil laugh in the distance

Shadow Wisher: 'thanksgiving turkey, i promise i won't eat you this year if you help me out'

Fallen Roze: 'thanksgiving turkey? come on ... what about the Easter bunny?'

you hear a turkey coming towards us

Fallen Roze: 'you called' it said

Shadow Wisher: 'si, i was hoping you can stop Santa and get Roze's eyes back, we can call Easter Bunny too, if you wish'

Fallen Roze: 'ah is that all, that will be no problem and no, the Easter bunny would do no good, he is in coherts with Santa' finds Santa get the eyes back and puts them back in Roze's head, 'I even made them so you don't need glasses. tata my friends, if u ever need me please feel free to call (except near thanksgiving when i must avoid the hunters looks around carefully)

'I can see! and without glasses! ooo thank you guys!'

Shadow Wisher: no prob, but you should thank Thanksgiving Turkey

Fallen Roze: 'thank you thanksgiving turkey!'

If anyone wants to join in on the fun, you can get to me at aol instent messaging, my username is Laserfist, be prepared for randomness