100 words on any topic with tone.

Writing with Tone

I've been here my whole life. This school, the one they say is so rich with history, is really just rich. It's like a community of snobs born knowing that they'll either take over the family business, or become a society wife. There is no out. You're born with a name, and the influence that comes with it.

It's hilarious watching the teachers here trying to teach, all of them university professors, imported by the school board in order to appease the schools finical contributors. Of course the Profs don't know money, they get a freaking teachers salary. However they do know who comes from money; what happens when you mess with money.

Sometimes my friends and I will cause trouble just to watch them fight with themselves. On one hand, they're required to report us, send us for detention, confiscate something; call our parents. They want us to learn and get a decent education; it's their job to ensure that we can take over our parents business. But they know that the second they call home, they've lost their job. Messing with new money is one thing, but messing with old money has consequences that will last the rest of their teaching career.'

A/N: I wrote this after reading some society fanfiction. It's way over 100 words, but all the same. Tell me what you think!