White rose petal caresses silky skin

Barbed edges softly prick through gentle waters

The surface shatters

Raining glass on the silent floor

The glistening red bead wells up, hanging on the flower in suspense

Like a child clings to a mother

Consumed in safety, a resting place

Intoxicating nostalgia seeps through the senses

And for a moment, silence

Broken by unwanted hands clicking towards the inevitable

And then

The bead bursts

The silence erupts, a small leak unleashing a tidal wave

The milky petal is swept away in a hurricane of blood angst

Tossed about on a sea of loss

Glass eyes reflect the storm

The supple petal droops, water heavy

The ocean flows and cascades from numb fingertips

Trembling in the cold

Dead leaves rattle screams of agony

Howling in the merciless wind

Glossy fingernails sink into slate and screech

The moon shines briefly, shedding uninterested light upon the chaos

Flower slips from a slack wrist

Tumbling through a forest of heavy air

It twists slightly, in a ballet of lost souls, trailed by the fingertip waterfall

Again immobilized in silence

Again interrupted by incessant clacking hands

Clean mirror hardwood floor awaits the impact

Reflecting back china doll eyes

The ballerinas crash down, robbed of grace

The petals shatter

The lake shatters

The time shatters

The mirror shatters

The eyes shatter

And she dies