Inner Heart

Why must I be tortured so –

Left to rot in this deep snow?

Through all my pain –

There is no gain.

In the woods of my dark heart –

Oh, how I long to depart!

If only I could run away –

From where the dark branches sway.

As I walk through these woods –

Hoping to pass by figures' hoods,

There before me, I see a pool –

With deep waters, dark and cool.

Yet it is not some pristine scene –

For the surface ripples without moon's gleam.

I sit down softly by the shore –

My heart is empty. My soul is poor.

Without that light I held for you –

However can I show my feelings true?

You turn from me, even though –

My love is not to throw.

Whatever I had felt before –

As sure as ever, is no more.

At least, that's what I say –

To my heart's inward fray.

One day, perhaps, you shall come back –

You know to find me in that shack.

Waiting, ever waiting, I shall be –

Waiting for you to return to me.

It is only in that darkest night –

I shall truly see you have taken flight.

Away form me, forever part –

Of the Inner Heart.