By Lady Glass

When was the last time
I kissed your forehead?

When did I last
Hold you lovingly in my arms?

Did you know that
I loved you so much?

Did you remember that
I held you first?

You were my favorite
Cat of all times

My little Toby
The sweet cat of mine

Fur of sleek black
Eyes of forest green

Why did you leave me?
Why did you go?

Why did I let you out
That morning, a day ago?

Why did you step
In front of that car?

Where were you going
That horrible morning?

I love you, Toby
I always will

Good-night and good-luck
Wherever you are...

Author's Note: I just found out tonight that my cat, Toby, was hit by a car yesterday morning. I don't remember the last time I kissed him or pet him or anything. It's really hard for me right now and I had to write something down so I'm sorry this isn't that great but I'm not good at writing when I'm upset.

Much love,

A-Little-Bit-Blue Lady Glass