"Putting away the laundry

Wearing nothing but your football jersey and

The barrettes in my hair labeled


It's just a distraction: folding your shirts,

Ironing that damn uniform

Passing by the frames face down in the hallway

To our closet,

Full of dust covered boxes marked


(Just photos and yearbooks from the high school we hated)

And I believe it's killing me


Good intentions splattered with

Eight year old false hope

Blue and white '07' on my back

And rings peeled from swollen knuckles, abandoned

On this dirty wood floor

Because some days I feel like I've already lost you

Even when every call

puts a

piece of the sky back


For me,

So monumental and so



In the long run,

But I just can't seem to let it go

Like torn up clothes on laundry day.

'Insecurities are my specialty.'"

9/19/2005 9:32pm