I can't eat, I can't breath

Can't feel, why don't you see?

The ten-thousand reasons to hate me

Never had to make so many choices

With so little time for questions

Paranoia surrounds you...

It surrounds me, engulfs me

Makes me do things I normally wouldn't

Do these things, so can't you see...

Avoidance, depression, aggravation

Just some feelings that I had

Just some things you should know

Depraved, insane, driving me up a wall

I can't think, I can't breath

There's too many faces in this crowd

But now that you are here

I can let you know

It's not that I feel, like I did

Because you set me free

My senses are engulfed, when you are around

Sadness seeps away like sleep from a frown

I'll never deny it, I'll never hide it

Never forget it, don't you forget it

You set me free

Bound, choked, and gagged

I'm the subservient in your pulp fiction

I still can't breath

But I'm finding my way back

With your guiding light

I'll find my way, back, now

Never to find, but always searching

Engulf me, control me

Do what you like

I'll never get more pleasure than

Dismiss me, miss me

Hit me like a dog

I'll never get more pleasure than

Kiss me, love me

Fuck me like an animal

I'll never get more pleasure than

When I see a smile on your face