Amazing is glamorous and huge-
like the stars that glitter on the ebony
sheet of night.
It starts as a pinprick of rapturous excitement in your chest
that explodes when you finally come to
realize that it is simply amazing.
It's the awe in your eyes and the 'oh' on your lips.
It's in your voice-
trembling because you cannot describe it
in words alone.
It's amazing-wrapped up within you-
The blush that creeps up your neck, the feeling of hands-
sliding down arms.
(A trail of goose bumps left behind.)
And it always is in the whispers
of kisses.
In all honesty, it is simply

This started out as a freewrite in my poetry class. I liked how it turned out, although I think I will play around and add a few things here and there.

Sorry for not being on here too much anymore. Inspritation does not come easily to me when I am not in school. SENIOR YEAR! w00t.