Enter Existence

The young man got out of the rusty, beat-up old truck, completely exhausted from the long drive. He had just barely made it to the location which the old beggar in his dream had described to him, and he knew he would not have enough fuel to return home to his apartment building in New York. Quickly, he grabbed his shovel out from the back of his truck, walked up to the crossroads, and began to dig.

He dug, remembering the old man's words. He dug for hours, and while he dug, he thought. And after thinking for a long time he could dig no longer, for his shovel had met an object in the ground. He pulled the object up, realizing it was just as the beggar had described- an old, wooden chest with a large, golden eagle embroidered on the lock.

The young man set the chest down and searched frantically for the key in his pocket. He found it- the serpent's key. He placed the key inside the hole, turning it with a click, and opened the chest.


As the young man stared into the blackness, he noticed something start to take form. It started as a droplet of water- a tiny molecule within a space of infinite darkness. And then that molecule formed into an ocean. And as the ripple created by the tiny droplet of water falling into the ocean grew, and became a great and mighty tide, the young man watched, and his mind was filled with knowledge as he experienced the creation of the universe around him. In that moment, the young man transcended man. He became omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The past was just as clear as the present, and the future was also clear, yet changing every moment.

Then, the vision ended. The young man was a young man once more. He gazed once again into the chest but saw nothing but the vacant wooden surface below. Realizing that the experience he had just lived was over, he shut the lid to the chest, locked it, and placed it back in the hole which he had dug it out of.

Then, he stood up, facing the breeze as the sun set below the barren fields ahead. He felt like a new man. He was not sure what he had just experienced, but he knew it was something that had transcended all rhyme and reason. He felt superior in a way. After all, he held the key to infinite knowledge.

Yet, he was hit with the realization that despite everything he had just been a part of his old, beat up truck was still out of fuel. He cursed himself for being so stupid, for going so far into territory he knew nothing about. He had no way of getting back, and, although he had gained knowledge infinite as the beggar of the dream had promised him, the knowledge had already faded away as if it were nothing more than a passing thought.

The man looked behind him at the beat up truck for a moment. Then, he turned away, and chose to walk down the long, winding road towards the sunset ahead. His old life with his old friends and his old values was over. A new life awaited him ahead. And as the sun ahead of him had fully set, he knew that behind him a new sun would rise soon, and with the new sun would come light to shine life on the path he would set.