For English if I wrote a short story for the district contest I could get 30 extra credit points, so, here it is!!

Periwinkle Sky

She heard people screaming, yelling, and a woman crying. She felt volts of electricity pound into her small chest and her body jolt with the rhythm. She was tired and alone, even though she was surrounded by what seemed like disturbed and wrecked people. What was happening anyway? Where was she? Why did she feel so lifeless? It felt like she was dying, was she dreaming of a nightmare?

The girl tried her hardest to lift her heavy eyelids; she was dying to wake up from this awful dream, this horrible feeling that was in her heart. Finally with all her strength, she peeked into the world and saw bright lights, the white light she's heard people telling her never to go near, but it felt so warm, so reassuring that she would be okay. But she realized this was a different white light...this was a hospital…

She wasn't dreaming, this was real, this pain had been affecting her, the screams of people were for her, but why were they screaming? She quickly shifted her eyes to the side and saw her mother and father, holding each other. Her mother was sobbing terribly and trembling in her father's chest as he held her, and as his eyes started to tear up while looking at his daughter. Don't cry daddy, what's wrong? Why is mommy sad? She couldn't speak, but wanted to ask so many endearing questions, everything was driving her frantic.

"Peri…my Periwinkle!!" She heard her mom cry out. What mommy? I'm right here! Can't you see me? But the girl started to fade; she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. "Mommy…" She sighed as her world shifted to black.

Periwinkle Sky was a cute little girl of 7 years of age, she was small for her age, had the bluest eyes you would ever see in your life, and soft brunette hair that called for the sun. She was sweet and had never heard of hate, to her there was no such thing as being mean, and the concept wasn't of her vocabulary. She lived in a small town, of a small state, in a small country in this tiny world. Peri had a mom and a dad and they would often run outside together to feel the breeze against their pale skins; her cottage house was tiny and often got very hot and humid when summer came. Peri loved summer, the way you cold just bounce out and enjoy yourself with out being afraid of catching a minor cold. For Peri, the unicorns came out in the rays of the sun.

Early morning birds chirped outside as Peri slowly opened her eyes, but quickly shut them again as the bright light hit her face. Realization hit her as she noticed she was in her bed, in her room, in her house. There was no hospital, no crying, and no noise. She sighed in relief; it was a dream after all! A great big smile formed on her face as she remembered what day it was, today was the first day of school!! The girl laughed in joy, she couldn't wait to start the first grade. To make new friends and play on the playground, what a glorious day it would be!

Periwinkle ran outside her room and to the kitchen where she expected her mom's happy face to smile and pick her up, twirl her around and get her ready. But her mom wasn't at the wooden table, neither was her dad.

"Mommy!? Daddy!?" She called out. A cry caught her attention, it was coming from her parent's room, she was hesitant on opening the door, but when she did she almost turned around to run away. Her mom was sobbing, once again, like she saw in her dream. Her dad held her and rocked her fragile body back and forth. Why is mommy crying?

"Mommy…what's wrong?" Peri whispered as she silently inched forward, both her parents were staring right at her, but with no feeling, like they were staring into space. Peri was frightened and ran out of the room, not paying attention to the closed door. She was prepared to hit the door, but it never came as she found herself in her pink room. She started to cry, hadn't they noticed she was there?

She remembered school, she had to get there. She tried her best to put on her clothes; she got her purple skirt on right, but couldn't figure out the matching blouse, the result was putting it on backwards. Peri really couldn't have cared less if her blouse wasn't correct, she was going to only think about school at the moment. As she sat in her favorite chair, she patiently waited for the bus as her mother's screams rang through the cottage. Peri plugged her ears, trying to block out all noise possible, she closed her eyes tightly. What's going on!?

A honk rang outside; the school bus came with open doors, Peri couldn't have been happier to finally leave her horror house. She ran into the yellow bus and found a seat all to herself, she heard the bus driver muttering something about nobody being home, but hadn't he seen her happy face?

Once she got to school, she looked for her classroom, room 6 with the blue door. It said "Welcome first graders to Miss Pella's class!" on the musty window. Peri was nervous; all the other kids were with their parents inside the room, what would she say if Miss Pella asked where her mom and dad were? Could she say they were screaming in their room?

Once she got inside she scanned the desks for her name, she finally found 'Periwinkle Sky' on one of the back desks. She sat down and realized she didn't bring anything with her, no backpack or a single pencil. Would she have to borrow from someone else? Finally the kids started to sit in their desks and parents slowly left, looking back at their child who was growing up too fast for their own taste.

Miss Pella started by taking attendance, she'd say the child's name and they would either jump in their seats and yell, "Here!" or be very shy and silently raise their small hand into the air. When Peri's name came, she yelled out a here and smiled as big as she could. But Miss Pella didn't seem to have heard or seen her for she had looked around the room.

"Oh, Periwinkle's desk is empty, has anyone seen her lately?" Miss Pella asked the class, they all shook their heads. Peri was in shock, she was sitting in HER desk, and it wasn't empty!!!

"Miss Pella I'm right here!" Peri jumped out of her seat and started talking. But the teacher wasn't listening, but thinking as she stared at Peri, which angered the girl.

"DON'T YOU SEE ME!?" She yelled as loud as she could, but no one noticed as Miss Pella continued to the other names. The girl's bottom lip trembled as she tried not to cry, no one has been noticing her, her parents, the bus driver man, Miss Pella and the students! Was she invisible or something!?

Peri ran as fast as she could to get away from the school, she sobbed as she ran and before she knew it; she was downtown, which was at least 2 miles from her school. Peri was so scared, she had never been so afraid in her small life. How could she scream and have no one hear her?

Peri walked past shops and lots of people; she heard different conversations at once and got very confused and lost. This would be her first time on her own, when would her parents find out she was missing from school? Would they call the police and search for her? She was silently walking behind two women and listened to what they were saying while she stared at her shoes.

"Have you heard about the poor Sky Family?" One woman said causing Peri to look at them with curious eyes.

"No, what happened? I'm friends with the family."

"It's about their daughter, little Periwinkle, last night she was hit by a truck. They tried to revive her, but she died, I feel so sorry for them…" Peri stopped walking and her eyes went wide in shock, no wonder no one saw her, she had died.

Periwinkle Sky never continued to heaven, because there was none, she went back home, went to school, and pretended she was alive. Her parents had another child, a baby girl. Peri watched her grow and was there for all the happiness and sadness. Peri had never been mentioned to her baby sister, or to anyone else for years, because everyone forgot about the little happy girl, and no one bothered to remember. As the years grew by, Peri's body started to fade and her soul disappeared forever.

Periwinkle Sky

Loving daughter and a soul full of hope

May she rest in peace.

I hope you liked it!!