Here is the front and back

Of it: when you tease me my heart blurs and

Melts into a conflagration of everything I'm wondering and

I pause there, wait to see what shade of blue

Yours eyes will turn as you try to keep a

Straight face, but then you glance down and there's a

Hint of a smile in your expression, and you laugh

And so I do, a bitter reminder that the joke's on me,

'Cause you're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

Here is what I fear: someday, I

Will look back at every memory and my hope

Will not be tepid, it will wrench with self-hatred that I never

Tried again, that I never opened up and let the scream

Inside me out, so you could hear it.

Here is what I think: It wasn't perfect but nothing is

And you were as close as I'll get, ever maybe. Now I'm empty

And waiting by my bravery for it to wake up and smell reality,

For it to remind me of what cowards we are. Your words are close but they seep in through perforated holes that are punching through

My heart, as we speak. Here is what I know: I love you.