Video Games

I remember…

When video games were only as complicated

As how they were put in the system,

Where Nintendo never shy away from their roots,

And stuck with the side-scrolling happiness,

Jumping pipe-to-pipe and whacking monsters with swords.

When Sega started a revolution

Realizing its dream with the Dreamcast

A system that made dreams become a reality

Breaking the bars of innovation actually,

Opening the door to new formats and genres,

Spanning across the cosmos of systems of the decade.

It was the age of the CD-ROM games

Games that could be made after a while

And took even longer to load,

Creating suspense and anticipation,

For some of the most memorable games ever.

Crash Bandicoot was a hit

Before ganking Mario's Kart,

Bastardizing a good idea

Creating the mess that it is now.

Tomb Raider had led the adventure franchise

And kept the boys up all night

When Princess Peach and Samus

Just weren't enough for them.

When NiGHTS led he way in freedom and fun,

With everything else in the dust,

Except for the running backs in Madden

And Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D.

When Microsoft minded its own (bad) business,

Sega was still in the console race,

Computers were portals to online death matches,

Sony and Nintendo were fierce rivals,

And games were simple and fun,

Graphics didn't matter

And gameplay was orgasmic.

Joygasmic instead of cosmic.

Back in the 90's…