The looming fear

Her feet pounded across the cobble path. She could almost feel the icy sonic wind building up behind her feeble body. The moonlight cast eerie shadows across the angel's tears that fell heavily from the black sky. It was lit by the flashes of lightening and the rumble of thunder.

The sound echoed as if the clouds were running from this fatal scene. She started sprinting faster than before. Her music playing from her Ipod but distracted by the sound of rain.

She had spiky black and red dyed hair and eyes that shone against her pale face and lips. She wore a black leather coat that was frayed with wear.

The sound of footsteps could be heard mimicking her own.Her heart thundering. Her mind racing. The blood dripping from her crimson lips. She forcefully wiped the blood from her chin letting it spatter onto the ground.

This only made the footsteps increase in speed. Her constant shrill screams did nothing. Her winding path. Did not throw the creature off.

It was gaining. She could see it. The knife she had used just hours before. Glinting, gleaming, and glowing in the moonlight.

It was on top of her. Tearing her skin. Ripping muscle. Snapping bones. Her life. Extinguished. The spirit forced itself up. Blood dripping from its hands and lips. It glided around the disgraced body of the girl. Stared straight into her glazed eyes and whispered

"Play with fire, you will get burnt."