I Shiver

Okay, my third and final of my little 'poem spree.' Do R&R for me. Thank you!!

Wintery air

Seeping through the trees…

"Where's my scarf?

Where's my scarf?"

Footprints in the snow,

Crunching on the ice,

By starlight,

By moonlight.

Mittens frozen,

Hat missing,

I shiver…

Distant howling sounds in the air,

Night creatures stalking through the trees…

Fresh falling snow,



I shiver…

"Where's the map?

The map?"

Losing my way,

Lost in the dark forest,



I shiver.

Blood runs cold,

They stalk,

Demonic creatures prowling,



"I'm lost!

I'm lost!"

Breathing quickens,

Sweat forms,

The cold grasps me…

Padding grows louder,

Twigs snap,

"Help me!

Help me!"

Their burning eyes

Gaze upon me…

I shiver.

What do you think? Yay? Nay?