Reality check. Check one, check two. Are we on?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today we realize we are not unique. That we are just a replicant, a copy.
Today we realize our originality; our essence has been usurped from the ones that came before us.
We know we are inadequate. We know we are useless. We know we are inconsequential.
Today we realize that where we came from was an accidental pregnancy in a universal chain of bullshit.
Today we realize that we will never understand the world around us, yet some would argue that it's already been figured out by that fuck J.C.

Today we succumbed to our primal urge and our ultimate purpose. And in this moment the world took up arms and invaded every neighbouring country.
Today I watched as a child took a gun from his father and shot him in the chest.

Today we notice the man sitting in the wheelchair next to us is just a con. I saw his legs move. The fucker.
Today I watched as an expectant mother committed suicide, killing both herself and her unborn child. Some would call her selfish.
But what the fuck do they know.

The coherent mass saw that in the blink of an eye it could be destroyed… by itself.
We took for ourselves what we wanted in a selfless act of salvation upon our fellow men. Our clothes are stained red.

Today we found truth at last in our acceptance of insignificance. We found the meaning of life and all of its wonders were put to rest.

We were, and are, and always will be, expendable.