You decide to jump
Off that cliff
Because you think
Your life
Means absolutely
Nothing at all
Your wrists are
And your throat is
From all the cries
You're longing for
Silence now
No more playing
No more hurt
No more anything
It's got to be over now
And so you dragged
Your bleeding body
To this life taking cliff
And throw yourself
Into the unknown
One more step
And your feet will have
No ground to land on
I want to save that
To you so meaningless
Life of yours
And show you
That this world
Really is worth
Living for
But I'm not so sure
If I really believe that
So instead of grabbing
Your red painted
And take you
Somewhere safe
I stay behind this rock
Watching you believe
That your life really is
And after a quick
You take that
Final step
Of which you hope
It will lead you
Into forever silence..