Singing Emotions


For a moment there

Your words held certain warmth

A smile, without cautious care

No longer bound by past woes

If it were truly easy

To heal a wounded heart

Then let emotions break free

Let me make the healing start


Regret can only bring sadness

To the already darkened skies

Simply allow the chance for forgiveness

The chance to take your hand in mine


I wonder now, for a new beginning

For a blissful smile I've never seen

Close your eyes and forget the past

Have faith in wishes and believe they will last

The lullaby of emotions sweeping away your sorrow

Illuminating this path, for a brighter tomorrow


Soaring beyond the cerulean skies with fortitude

Singing emotions

As I hold your hand in mine


September 20, 2005

A/N: For a friend, who was distanced from me due to my actions and after a few years, finally decided to speak to me again. Thank you.