In 1975, we fell through the floorboards

Disco hopping white pill popping

I wasn't here, I wasn't there

I was fog smoke screens & mirrors (all adjectives

In their own right)

And you spun and spun and spun, and

Twisted your way out of my life

In 1975,

Or was it 1969?

I don't remember (do you?)

I wasn't thereā€¦

But it, it was

4 years past jim morrison's pretty cocaine death bed

pink stains on Parisian bathtubs

and red head pixies floating in grief induced clouds,

didn't know she was already gone (too, too late)

in 1975

and you, you were empty shells and

locked back doors (oblivion)

, a practice run in psychedelia

but hey, hey man, the '60s are over

you're just a teenage fool

stuck in a lullaby