My Sweet, Sexy Demon


Alyssa Pires

I scanned carefully around.

Nothing moved. There was not even the slightest wind. I wrinkled my nose. The air smelled of pumpkins. Raise your hand if 'eew'?

Slowly, I walked in the road that was covered with a veil of darkness. I had my bronze stake firmly in my hand. Halloween was coming and demons were bound to attack like locusts. My Guardian had warned me. Prepared me for it. My ears took in every single sound. I could almost taste the evil in the atmosphere. It was the taste every Fighter Princess of Humanity had to feel. And, God, it really sucks. The duty of a Fighter was to save humanity and destroy all forces of darkness in the world. It was a tough job, really. The evil creeps could be so greedy sometimes. Couldn't they just try to take over a small part of the world instead of the whole globe? But no, they just have to get everything.

There was complete silence. Until Trent Wood shattered it into pieces with words shooting off his mouth. Again.

"Shoot, this place sucks," he said, his deep brown eyes glancing at the ruined mansion behind us. The moon hung eerily above it. The paint was peeling off. The windows were hanging at their edges. With one glimpse, it could freak you out for a moment. But I wasn't put off by it. I face more spooky things than this. Those spooky things can practically make you pee on the spot, I tell you.

"Are you saying that you're scared, Trent?" I said ironically. I still could not believe that I was stuck with him for the night.

"Me? Scared? Never. It just that it sucks waiting here. Anyway, they should be coming soon," he replied, rubbing his dark brown hands. Maybe he can fool his best friend Katie or his mom for that matter, but he cant fool me. I know how a person looks like when he's scared after all these years fighting against drooling werewolves. It's in their body language.

But the thing is, it doesn't exactly do wonders to my social life. C'mon, there's a huge plus side to being a regular girl. The whole not-bleeding-and-killing-and-dying experience. For example, there's a buying outfits without worrying if they're good for bleeding-and-slaughtering-and dying in. And I don't think guys would be really into it. Can you visualize how horrifying dates can be if I don't control my powers? Which happens pretty often, not controlling my powers, I mean.

Hi, this is my girlfriend, Alyssa Pires. Don't make her angry or anything because… CRASH! Oh, yeah, sorry about the blackout. And the huge hole in the plate. Alyssa does that when she gets frazzled.

That would be a total disaster. My social life would be over before it could even begin.

"Do you really think Chanterelle and her gang will show up? Who are you to kid?" I walked forward. I only came here because Ryder asked me to. He was with his probation officer and could not stop Trent from being pulled by Chanterelle and her stupid herd.


The word fills me with warmth. Don't ask me why. I hope it's not such a big deal. But every time I think of him, I felt as though I had drunk a cup of coffee, soothing and warm. It spreads pleasure throughout your body, like the feeling when we first kissed. It was only a few weeks ago. Boy, I could my heart thumping like crazy every time I remember his lips on mine. They felt strong but gentle at the same time. I have to admit, that guy really knows how to move. And his eyes were gorgeous. Misty gray. They were the kind that you could stare forever without getting bored. I really couldn't wait to see him again. I hadn't been in school for a week since Adam, my ex-boyfriend, died.

Adam. I missed him.

"Shortie baby, I see them. Woo hoo!" Trent waved to them. I squinted as the headlights of a Porsche shone directly on my face. Trent looked ecstatic to see them. I couldn't imagine why. Okay, I can understand that they were the rulers of the school but they were cruel ones. No doubt of that.

And by the looks of their faces, I was sure this was one of their cruel jokes. Chanterelle Bolts had a malicious grin that was lost on Trent. Although I was in their school for a short period of time so far, I had learnt that they're really biased people, only liking the clase alta (upper class).

"You totally have to join in the dip, Lis," Chanterelle said, digging her fingernails into mine. I peeped into the gloomy house. Although it was dark, I have no problem figuring out that it was practically infested with evil.

Suddenly, I felt like I want to pee.

Chapter 1

Nasty Surprises

Trent Wood

My insides plummeted sickeningly.

The house was dim and musty. It sucked even more than standing outside, staring at the figure that was just waiting for the right time to swallow me up.

Shoot, I wasn't going to be gobbled down here. I was about to be accepted by Chanterelle and her buddies. Yeah, we had rough times before, but being popular is good right?

"Now, people, I want you to find a totally fab place for me to hold a freaky party on Halloween night. It, like, has to be totally black and scary so that it rocks. The girls come with me. Guys, follow Conner Pittman. Trent and Alyssa, you both head deeper there. I want you guys to search the place. The people to find the hottest place will get whatever they want," Chanterelle explained dramatically with a hushed voice. Winking at me in the dark, she flipped her perfectly strawberry blonde hair until it slapped Lara Fork squarely on the face.

I turned to Alyssa Pires. For some reason, I could hear a muffled laugh at the background. Maybe they were just fooling around.

A hint of anger flashed across Alyssa's face. Frowning in confusion, I pushed her along with me.

"What's up with you? Here you are doing something that can guarantee popularity and you're mad?" I asked incredulously. Having only the guidance of the moonlight, I walked cautiously ahead. It was getting darker with every step. Which was great right? Like, the hot place was coming up. Chanterelle would reward me for it. I should be feeling good. So how come all I was feeling right now was goose bumps rushing all over my skin?

"You're a dope, Trent. You didn't see it's a trap all along," Alyssa hissed, her voice thick with anger. Huh? What on Earth was she talking about? I had never seen her so… angry before.

"Do you think they will accept you just after 1 thing you've done? Haven't it occurred to your mind that this is an early Halloween prank? They can't just let you in after years of loathing," her blue eyes glowed slightly in the dark.

Shoot, what was I doing here? I'm such an asshole. Why didn't I think of that? Ryder was right. You couldn't trust Elle and her freaking friends.

I whipped around. A rush of fear surged through me," Then how come you didn't bail out of here right away?"

"Firstly, what kind of friend am I if I leave you alone? Secondly, I can sense some unknown presence. Mr. Bad," she whispered, looking around with a bronze stake in her hand, "And the ultimate bitch left. They locked us in. I heard them."

I felt all the blood slowly draining out of my face as fear started to seep in," Oh me god. What are gonna do? Shit here?"

My voice was squeaky. Forget about what I claimed about not being afraid. I was scared out of my wits.

Alyssa was still calm and her face was screwed up in concentration. I clung to her in a very desperate and unmanly way. My mouth was already dry in fear, okay?

"Chill, Trent. I know where the exit is and you know I can break the lock easily. Luckily I modified Elle's memory after the fight with Adam-"she stopped. I was left hanging for a moment. Did she stop because she couldn't force herself talk about her ex or because of something icky? Without warning, I yelped and jumped up with my legs around Alyssa's waist. I was totally freaked.

She remained silent, only listening. I knew Fighters had a sharp sense of hearing.

Ready in her fighting stance (exception of me being stuck to her back), I could see the sapphire stone hanging from her necklace glowing as brightly as her eyes.

Then, it came. A gun shot. I fell flat on my butt. You're nuts if you didn't believe that hurts. Whatsmore, the whole place lit up. My eyes narrowed as I stared at the guy with an expression of mingled disgust and shock. They were Ryder's old gang. The thugs from the East. And one of them was currently pointing a gun at Alyssa.

I leaned forward, dreading to look at Alyssa. But she wasn't hurt. She had the bullet between her teeth. Fortunately I was sitting on my hands. If not, I would've gave her a round of applause. You don't see this kind of things everyday since not everyone has special powers like her.

"I've got to tell you, goon. I never loved the taste of bullets," Alyssa spat. The bullet fell with a soft clink.

The gangsters had their face scrunched up in astonishment," Stop there, skirt girl. You both Ryder's friends, that asshole."

If Alyssa was stunned by this news, she sure didn't show it," You guys better back off before someone gets hurt."

"What if we back off right after?"

Just then, they came to us. No, that's a huge understatement. They lunged at us with anything that hey could grab hold of, and attempting to beat the tar out of us. Yeah, that's much more like it.

Alyssa got into action, practically grinding them into tiny little pieces with her bare hands. No weapons for her, dude. As long as any part of you touched her, you're out of the game. Literally. Coz your neck maybe twisted and kneeling down in pain, clutching your stomach. Or if you were slightly lucky, your body maybe bleeding from her finger marks. She kicked, flipped and punched, just like a fighting machine. After all, she's the one with supernatural strength. Me? Lets just say only my mouth owns that kind of strength.

"Get out of here, Trent!" she grabbed me and flung my body away for protection. I landed on a bed, which looked like people had done a million sex on it. Eeew?

Asking no more questions, I scrambled to blast out of here. All of a sudden, a very frightening guy stood in front of me with a metal chain. I looked around for a weapon and whipped the baseball bat nearby.

"You're Amish, you wont fight back coz you're Amish," I sputtered, swinging my weapon towards him, "I mock you with my super duper baseball bat, Amish guy."

Suddenly, he dove towards me. I thrashed my 'weapon' frantically, hoping it would hurt him real bad.

"What the fuck!" the 'Amish Guy' yelped. I couldn't help but grin. The super duper bat ended up on his cock! Hah!

I felt Alyssa grabbing my hand. Looking back, I realized every dude was down. Shoot, that was fast. She didn't even use a spell. I saw the leader trying to make a go at her but stopped at the look of her eyes. It was ice cold. If looks could kill, he would be an iceberg now.

"Why don't you go back where you came from? Things were great before you came. We ruled this place. You ruined everything."

We were outside of the house now. But I was still terrified. Who could? With the place being damn disturbing.

"And they say one person cant make a difference," Alyssa waved her hands coolly, and a thick haze covered the house. The windows and door slammed shut.

"They won't be out till dawn."

That wasn't as comforting as it sounds. Because now, we had to face the road that was blanketed with darkness and God knows what else would be breathing down our necks next, alone.

The owl hooted. I shivered. I was so going to murder Chanterelle. She was gonna get her own nasty surprise.

Alyssa Pires

Trent was practically sobbing.

"Shoot, I'm bleedin like a stuck pig! The asshole Amish smacked me with his chain," he cried out, staring at his hand that touched the side of his head. It was deep red.

I didn't know what are Amish. So, I made him kneel down so I could heal him. Fighters don't heal using any spell. We use our tears. And right now I'm forcing myself to cry. I was so the freak of natural world.

A tear rolled down and hissed on Trent's wound. He looked down on his bloody shirt," What an nightmare. And you know the nastiest part: It stays with you forever. No matter what they tell you, none of these blood and dirt comes out. You can dry-clean till judgment day; I'm living with these stains."

I rolled my eyes. You've just escaped from being boiled alive by those thugs, and now your biggest concern is stains? Unbelievable.

Those thugs made me skitter. And to think that they were the people Ryder used to hang out with. But then again, Ryder was always a mystery to me. Like how he could be really cute when he looked as hard as nails.

Just then, I heard something that made my ears perked up. I stopped dead in my tracks, slipping my hand into my black motorcycle jacket for another stake. It sounded like someone was gurgling.

Trent became really petrified as he knew that when I freeze and tried to sharpen my hearing, something bad was going to happen, "Alyssa…"

I didn't utter a sound, trying hard to locate the source. It wasn't easy. We were surrounded by total, impenetrable, silent darkness, as though a giant hand dropped a thick, icy mantle over the entire road. I felt suddenly sick in the stomach. Something was wrong.

"Alyssa, there's something-"

When would he ever shut up? I could feel him shuddering beside me.

"ALYSSA!" he yelped, climbing on top of me. Again.

I was seriously irritated, "What-"

Then, I knew. The moonlight shone on it. Trent had seen and accidentally stepped on a human body. A dead one. With eyes boring into ours.

"Ooh, sugar, see what we have here," a scaly creature loomed towards us. A demon, to be exact. He looked gross. Very gooey and yucky. Seriously.

"Who are you?" a husky female voice whispered. I looked around. But Trent saw her first. I wasn't surprised. His senses were incredibly sharp when it comes to women, especially sexy ones. She was wearing a tight black dress. I could tell she was a half-breed demon. If you look closely, her eyes had a red spot in the center.

"Hi, I'm Alyssa. Fighter. Nice to meet you," I replied, looking at them closely, figuring where to aim my fist first.

"What's a Fighter?"

"Oh, the girl who always feels like stuff's coming at her a lot of time. And she's supposed to react as fast as she can just to keep on going so that she would at least have a social life. Just trying to be on my feet before the next thing hits."

"That sounds exhausting."

"It really is," without warning, I leaped at them, making a roundhouse kick. The thing was so slimy I think the goo will stick to my boots forever. We fought. 2 against 1. Trent was too enthralled by the image in front of him that he was practically drooling.

Both of them, I'm proud to say, were struggling, "Humans don't fight back. Human beings don't fight back. THAT'S HOW THIS WORKS!"

Unfortunately, I'm not a normal human.

I was just about to be consumed by the thrill of looking at the demons fighting, or should I put it, making wild movements with the air, when my cell phone rang.

The demons seriously panicked and jumped away from me like I had some sort of disease. The female accidentally jumped onto Trent. He moaned in delight. She looked at him like he was a dead cockroach and leaped forward.

I frowned in confusion. How come they were fearful of a cell phone of all things? Were they from the middle ages or something? Taking advantage of the situation, I took out my phone. It was flashing, adding more effect. Boy, they looked really thunderstruck.

"That's-that's an evil spirit! Its trapped in the object!"

"Exactly. And do you know what it does when you make it annoyed?" I questioned. Trent was still out of order. The woman in front of him that made every overactive hormone in his body stand at attention was distracting him and immobilized all of his ability to even talk. Amazing how great is girl power.

"This stuff makes you," I continued, pointing it to the scaly demon, "Melt into a puddle of green liquid that people will step and jump on and you," pointing it to the female demon, making her take a step back (and as a result, Trent was muttering strange words like 'iya huh huh huh!') "Your breasts will shrink into the size of pumpkin seeds and your butt will be so flat that the person you'll be making sex with doesn't even know where it is!"

That did it. The two of them let out a chilling scream and fled.

"I've gotta tell you, Alyssa. I'm impressed and a little intimidated. Patrolling with a real-live Fighter that could scare 2 demons without breaking into a sweat is a big thing. You're like Santa Claus or the Buddha or something," Trent breathed, scratching his black curly hair.

I looked down to see my clothes all messed up. I was wearing Square Cut jeans and an Italian blouse. Now, it was cut and slashed jeans that went well with mushy green blouse. I replied dryly," Fat and jolly?"

Ryder Street

I pressed the end button and stared at the button in concern.

Shit, she didn't answer my call. I wondered where was she now and what was she doing. Which practically what I had been thinking about ever since my probation officer left. I'm pathetic.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. I recognized it immediately. It was my foster mother. What did she want now? Didn't she know I had enough of lecturing from my officer about skipping my anger management classes and not making much progress in my attitude?

She came in, "Ryder, dear, do you need anything?"

Oh, yeah. I need to be alone. It was at the tip of my tongue to say that. Foster parents could be really sucking your blood sometimes. I doubt it could be anymore worse. Alyssa was also living with a foster family, which was the richest family in Daringsville and consisting of the high school queen, the quarterback, the surfer, the nerd, and the history teacher. The Bolts family never really goes along well with the Streets. For one, we are poor (clase más baja- lower class). The reason why I was living with them was because my parents, like Alyssa's, died when we were around 12. They also adopted me because my foster dad was my lawyer for my case. I was a hood before. A painful pang of guilt drove through my heart. It was terrible remembering what I had done.

Without looking back at her, I replied shortly, "Nope." Except perhaps for a beer or Alyssa. Damn. I was still finding it hard to avoid liquor even though I had gone through rehab. Luckily, there was no beer in the house. I was glad, not looking forward to being a hood all over again.

Once she left, I burned the reflection essay I had written into ashes with my eyes. Thinking how I managed to do that? Well, I'm an alien with a bizarre strength, with eyes that could see through anything and burn anything. Yeah, I'm pretty much an el-psycho who could run 70 miles an hour.

As the ashes fell to the floor slowly, it revealed a drawing of a girl. I had been drawing her behind my officer's back.

There was only one girl in this world that had the power to make me feel like a regular guy. It was the girl in this drawing.

Alyssa Pires

She was always on my mind. No one told me that I was ever going to stumble across someone like her. She had the most beautiful face that made me weak inside, no matter how much I try to deny it. Her eyes were sapphire blue and had the ability to drown me in. I colored her straight caramel hair warmly. My stomach took a dangerous turn as I thought of her lips against mine. Man, what the hell is up with me? As sappy as it sounds, I had never felt like this towards a girl before.

Although I may look like a hooligan, with my longish ash blonde hair that I was too lazy to cut and my forever worn out clothes, I was one of the smartest students in school. Not liking to brag though. Anyway, I came across this book when I was reading. It says that when you like a girl, you will play with her hair, hold her tight when she's upset and throw pebbles on her window at night. It was purely instincts and the result of freaking hormones. And it also said that when you fall in love with her, you should tell her.

Just one question. How the hell am I gonna tell her that? What if she ran away like the way she did when she saw Adam as a werewolf? Yeah, I maybe rated as the Hottest Guy in Daringsville High by that bimbo, Chanterelle Bolts, but could I win the heart of the Fighter Princess of Humanity?

God dammit.