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Chapter 10

Chanterelle Bolts

"Chanterelle, dear. Please don't be late for school," dad frowned at me as he and Dave left the house. Devon couldn't make it to school today since he still needed an ice pack for his huge bruise that was given to him by Alyssa Pires.

"Sure thing, daddy," I chirped, twirling in front of the living room mirror. I studied my pink tee that barely covered my belly button, and my white tennis skirt. Not that, like, I was going to play tennis or anything. But looking good never hurts anyone, right? Ok, maybe it did hurt Conner Pittman once or twice. But who the freak cared?

Anyway, I was admiring how shiny my blond hair was when dark and even shinier hair flipped behind me. I turned around sharply.

"Good morning, sis," I greeted her happily. She was dressed in a caramel colored skirt and black tee. For once, she had let her hair down.

Her blue eyes looked at me, bewildered. And I understood why. For all this time, I had been spending my energy on making her life miserable. It wasn't everyday your fierce enemy started to treat you like a normal human.

Tailing her to the kitchen, I served her toast and a hot cup of honey drink as I drew out a chair for her. Looking at me as though words could not express her shock, she blurted, "What do you want from me?"

I was totally, like, racking my head to get what was her meaning when realization suddenly hit me, "I just want to apologize, Alyssa."

The expression of her face looked as though someone had just told her scientific results had shown Hilary Duff is a virgin.

"Who died and made you Lunatic of the Year?"

With wide eyes, I said honestly, "I'm totally serious here, sis. After what you did on Friday night, I realized you're a true heroine. So, I'm, like, totally sorry for making your life like hell for all this time and I'm totally grateful to you for saving me and my hair, not all of it though, from the freaky demons there. Although, yeah, I totally can't stand it that you're no doubt prettier than me and Ryder totally likes you more than me, I'm still willing to consider you as my foster sister instead of a freaking midgety bitch."

Alyssa's shock dissolved slowly, "Are you sure about this? I mean, I'm really fine if you continue treating me like a freaking midgety bitch as you have always done."


Giving me a small nod, she smiled and ate her toast.

"Oh yeah, I think you better double up. Daddy will, like, kill me if I'm late for school," I said, carefully touching my new haircut, thanks to Biku-whatting's demon.

"And I'm totally driving. No way am I going to let you go behind the wheel again. Your driving skills suck like shit," I continued.

She looked up.

"Sis," I added hastily.


Alyssa Pires


I was finally free from math class. I tell you, those graphs were killing me. If you were to give me one more graph to do, I swear I would just drop dead. As I headed towards my locker, Josh Beckman crossed my way. He smiled at me good-naturedly.

"If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you
would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world," he said, drew out a bouquet of red roses from his back and handed them to me.

I looked at him with a jolt of surprise, "Wow, what's the occasion?"

"I thought you'd like something to cheer up. You look pretty glum."

And the reason was? I still couldn't pluck up the courage to face Ryder yet. I mean, which girl wouldn't be flattered after a guy sacrificed his life for her? Even right after she called him not very nice stuff. And I guessed days without even having a glimpse of Ryder made me glum, somehow. And I knew I exactly why. Stupid me, only having realized that after so long.

"Yeah, don't worry about it, Josh. Thanks for all this anyways."

But he didn't go away after that. He reached into his backpack and took out a nicely wrapped present, "This is for you too."

Tilting my head in curiosity, I looked into his smiling face and took the package. His eyes seemed to urge me to open it at this instant. Dutifully, I tore it open and gasped, "A new Levi's jeans? Oh my god, Josh, you didn't!"

His face split into a grin, "Read the card. I need to go for my German class now."

I frowned slightly, searching for the card. Believe me, it wasn't easy since I was also balancing a huge bouquet of roses in my hands. Suddenly, it fell onto the floor. Before I could reach it, a deeply tanned arm picked it up. I didn't need to look up to see whose hand was that. I only need to feel how fast my heart was beating. And it was slamming away in my chest at full speed, by the way.

"Hey, you dropped something," he placed the card into my hand. I felt color rise up in my cheeks as his hand touched mine slightly.

Hurriedly, I read the card written by Josh. All of a sudden, I wished I hadn't. Read it in front of Ryder, I mean. You know, because he had x-ray vision and all. And from the look in his eyes, I just knew that he had studied it inside out.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he said casually, "So, you're gonna say yes to that shit?"

"I don't care, really, if you go out with that asshole," he continued. I raised an eyebrow. He frowned at what he had just said.

"No, I didn't mean that. What I meant is that I do care if you go out with other dudes but I wont stop you," he said uncomfortably. It was well known that Ryder didn't like talking about topics involving his deepest feelings but he still continued.

Running his hand through his ash blonde hair, he said, "I know maybe you're still angry at me about Chanterelle and everything. So I'd like to apologize."

What was it today, International Apology Day? Not that I was complaining though.

"And I'm sorry that-" he looked down for a moment. Then drawing a deep breath, he gazed into my eyes with those gorgeous gray eyes, "I didn't mean to fall in love with you."

Ookayy, didn't see that coming.

"You know," he continued, not breaking eye contact, "The times when I danced in the rain with you, like some insane person, and when we kissed for the first time and all that crap? Those are the happiest times of my entire pathetic life. I aint gonna forget that ever coz those were the times when I could actually believe you could be mine. I would have something of my own, something that I would treasure like no other. But I know deep inside I don't deserve you a single bit. Coz hell look, I have nothing to give you to compensate all the things you've given to me. Damn, at least Josh can give you some stupid roses."

"But that's not the fucking point," he continued, stroking my cheek, "I just wanna thank you. Thank you for saving me from drowning in this hell."

"I didn-"

He placed a finger on my lips, "Don't you dare try deny that. You did, Alyssa. I mean, there was even a day when I didn't get thrown into the principal's office. That didn't happen before you stepped into my life."

Then, he dropped his hand and began to walk away, "Well, for your information, I didn't get all this sentimental shit from Hallmark. So, anyway, I guess I'll just…"

For a while there, I stood dumbly in the middle of the hallway with a bunch of roses stuck in between my arms and two fingers holding a pink card. Just then, I dropped all of that and raced after him.

I grabbed his arm, the same arm that had held me tight as we kissed in the dark, and shoved him towards me. He wrinkled his nose, puzzled.

I could smell his usual scent, nice and soothing. It seemed that he didn't have a problem with body odor. Maybe it's an alien thing.

Looking up at Ryder, I whispered, "Adam once told me, before he went away for the last time, that he wasn't the special guy in my life. He told me that there was someone else out there whom I can lean on and love. But I didn't believe him then."

"Really?" he bent towards me, almost resting his forehead on mine,

"Yeah, but I'm an idiot not to think that was true. Because I think I've just found him." With that, I laid my lips on Ryder's. For a moment, none of us moved. Then, he kissed me softly, but putting on more pressure as I tucked my thumbs into his back jeans pocket.

Although it wasn't that romantic to make out right outside of the gents' toilet (I think Ryder was heading towards there when I caught him. Consider me lucky?), I still felt like exploding with happiness.

And I didn't even turn around to see Mr. Patterson screaming at us.

Because, I had finally found the guy who could replace Adam Sanchez. And that's Ryder Street, my sweet, sexy demon.