I don't know where this has come from, or there this will go, but its inspired by four... five? Say five... very talented people I know who are all the way over the other side of the world... funny that, hey?

Anyway, this is dedicated to LittleMidgett, and her brothers band Immortality, who inspired this strange creation of mine.

The song Misdirection mainly inspired this, just so those of you who know them know.

Again, I have no idea where this is going, so bear with me please...


I saw the firecloud. It descended all the way downwards, spiralling crazily.

So, the creature had gone to where it was safest; in the darkest shadows of the night...

I would have to go in after the beast. There was no other choice.

I folded my wings behind me, directing my body right down through the spiralling cloud, picking up speed as I let my body freefall into the darkness of the world beyond.

Below, the beasts vocalisations shook the very air itself, vibrating through my every being. I was almost tempted to go back... this was not a place for an angel... but I had a mission, that had to be fulfilled at all costs.

Even if it cost me my own life. Mortal angels were not meant to fight such gruesome creatures from the underworld... from hell...

I cried out when I saw the bones, flaring my wings and stopping my decent hastily. It was a graveyard!

No, a mound of bones! Unable to be counted with a single sweep of the eyes... it was almost like a mountain in the dark. So many lost souls were here... I could feel them...

Another growl, that rippled through my body, then "Ah, so the pretty little creature follows me"

"I am not a little creature. I am an Avenging Angel, and after what you have done... there nothing left for you but death"

He chuckled "Pretty cocky for a creature of the light, which has followed me into the depths of the darkness. You are truly separated from your... friends... now"

Red eyes appeared in the darkness, and my head shot up as I realised the creature was somehow shutting off my only escape. Darkness soon followed, and I could see nothing but the red eyes of the creature.

"Coward" I hissed, grabbing an arrow, and using my own light to illuminate the cave. I aimed my bow up, stringing the arrow and letting it fly. It hit the roof, lighting the cave enough for me to dimly see the creature. It did little, but enough.

Dark scales covered the creature like cooled lava, and its mouth drizzled with acid. The Sylth's large lizard-like mouth opened to reveal nothing but magma inside, which I knew floated through his entire body.

"Who is calling who the coward now, that who needs the light to see me" he hissed as I drew another arrow, stringing it against the bow and holding it, waiting for the creature to make a wrong move. I couldn't hit him while he was aware of my actions.

"As you said before, I am a creature of the light. And you took the souls of the innocent... which I now see are many more than we had once thought"

"And you will be just one of many" he growled again, before he leapt.

Too fast!

I dodged out of the way, firing my arrow blindly and hearing him howl.

"A poor hit!"

I turned, finally seeing that I had barely grazed him. I reached behind me again, grabbing another arrow from the quiver on my back, aiming again. I was usually such a good hit... what was happening to me?!

Then I knew... I knew...

At the same time, I felt the heat rising from beneath me. I had been tricked!

I kept my composure though, hoping I could at least wound the Sylth enough for another of us to complete the job...

"Tricky beast you are, I had no idea you could do this... poison... trick..."

He laughed, his voice going through my very essence again, which was gradually waning "My pretty little angel, your Silent Seekers must have told you the wrong things about me. I am no Sylth, I am much, much worse..."

I gasped, then shook it off. He must be lying! Silent Seekers tracked the evil creatures... and they knew which beast was what... they knew...


"Oh Elixa" I whispered "Why did you betray me?"

I fired my arrow, my aim slowly getting worse, and hitting the beast in one of its horrid red eyes... I was loosing my strength...

I tried to beat my wings, but found they were now heavy and useless. I landed on my feet, fighting to stay that way, drawing another arrow... my eyesight was becoming useless...

"Say goodnight pretty creature" the now unknown creature hissed as I aimed, firing blindly and knowing just by instinct alone that I'd missed.

Elixa... my sweet friend... why did she have to leave me here, alone... I couldn't fight this creature... she knew I'd never had a chance...

The creature leapt, and the last thing I knew was immense pain and screaming into the darkness.


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