Neglected for hours, the situation's paled
Desirous of love, he collapses once more
Refuses, again, to admit that he has failed
Keeps fighting these battles, and losing the war
A tug at his hair, and he seeks for a foe
On looking around, he finds nobody there
Retreats into realms that he alone knows
There's never a truce, in the dark of his lair

He worries for hours, how is he to get through?
The mockery fails, his fate is unknown
He asks for some help, and he turns then to you
You laugh and refuse, and pretend you have grown
Take heed of the dead, and take heed of the dying
Your name will so soon be etched on those stones
The boy was distraught, and he wasn't lying
It's so hard to survive when you're on your own

You say I'm a fool to remain so desolate
But what choice did you have when you were in my place?
The memories linger, this feeling is redolent
Of a change of routine, of a quickening pace
The days have all gone, where our fears had no meaning
Still hopelessly we defend what we've lost
You look at me now, you notice I'm leaning
I've remained alive, but, God, at what cost?