- Don't Say Die -

"Devoir me in darkness

Cloak me now in night

My soul is growing blacker

I don't know if I'm all right

Progressions going backwards

Catch me before I fall

And keep me from my heart ache

Help me through it all"

But now I don't think I can help you

There's nothing more to do

All I can do is grow closer

To the freind I have in you

Don't go peacfully into the night

Please don't say die before the dawn

We can pull you through this

Please take our hands as one

And don't tell me good-bye just yet

Please say hello instead

And I know the darkness you must know now

What's going through your head

But please don't let it hurt you

Don't let the truth scare you so

And remember that we'll be there

Everywhere you go

We love you more than we can say

You are not alone

Don't let your soul grow dark from this

Don't feel emotions like my own

It'll all be better soon

Try to believe it's true

Please don't let this destroy you now

Please don't let it get to you

We are all here beside you

To help you through this time

And all I'm begging is this one thing

Please just don't say die.