WARNING! As usual I shall pretend to be a nice person and warn you about the rather obvious male/male relationships contained herein. I am adding an additional warning of language, so please take note. As always, flames will be used to terrorize the world we live in and burn down important buildings, landmarks and other such places.

Additional note and DISCLAIMER: This is a rather slow chapter establishing the relationship of the characters. This was done from an RP, me and a friend of mine occasionally return to. Thus, much as I would love to sing acclaim to my genius, not all the characters are mine. In actual fact, all feats of genius can be acclaimed to Kyrrissean while the rest can be blamed on me. K? I have been granted permission to attempt to rewrite this as a story. I certainly hope at least 'someone' enjoys this. Now on to 'Crimson Rain'. Enjoy!

Crimson Rain

Chapter 23 - Smooth, real smooth.

Neho snuck back up the stairway. "Looks like the link has finally been completed." He commented glumly. Kiri looked up from where he had been seated, staring at his swinging feet. Seth smirked, watching his brother for a reaction.

Remy looked at Neho. "You knew it would happen."

Neho pouted. "It's sooner than I expected."

Remy shrugged. "He'll be happier this way."

"I know… it's just… He's leaving me 'way' behind." Neho finished glumly.

Remy shook his head. "I don't think that's the right attitude."


"Because I'm here." Remy winked at him. Seth laughed and Kiri giggled. Neho, meanwhile blinked in confusion. Remy stood and patted Neho on the head.

"Smooth, brother… real smooth." Seth commented dryly.

"Oh, I thought so too… " Remy winked at Seth.

"I'd say, don't give up your day job but it looks like you already have." Seth retorted.

"So have you." Remy pointed out.

"Now, we both know I blame that entirely on you."

"Yeah, I know."

"So what do you intend to do about it?"

"Absolutely nothing."

"The usual escape route I see. No sense of responsibility." Seth directed his comments at Neho this time. "Give up while you are ahead." Neho blinked at him. Seth got hit over the back of the head. "Hey!" Seth protested. "No older brother abuse!"

"Then 'icksney' on the younger brother verbal abuse."

"I'm not being abusive. I'm only stating facts. You've never been serious about anything in your life." That comment earned Seth a kick. "Hey!" Seth protested once more while Neho frowned.

Kiri stared with wide eyes before commenting. "I can see why you went after Neho."

- - - - -

Neho entered the department store briskly, trying desperately to look like he knew what he was doing. He'd decided to let Kuro be and get on with his life. If Ryuu needed him, Ryuu would have to find him. First things first. Neho needed a new wardrobe. Why not? Remy had practically told him that the current one was severely unflattering. Neho frowned, eying a suspiciously colorful rack. Shaking his head he abruptly turned away, intending to head for the dark blues and silvers. (Remy keeps hitting on Neho and getting kicked for the effort- literally. This includes some rather painful places. Neho fobs off all such advances rather convinced Remy treats everything as a game.)

"Nonononono…" Remy took Neho by the shoulder, propelling him back towards the colorful rack. "We're doing this properly, if we do it at all."

"What 'exactly' are you doing here?" Neho demanded with narrowed eyes. "And who says 'we' are doing anything?"

"We're buying you a new wardrobe, silly..." He moved before finding a deep violet shirt and held it up against Neho's chest.

"Who says I 'want' a new wardrobe?" Neho demanded, backing away.

"Come now, love, why else would you be here?"

Neho glared, turning to storm wordlessly out.

Remy boycotted his escape, wrapping an arm around his waist and turning him around. "I think nice dark colors personally..."

"Not really. Silver and pale blue really are Kuro's colors." Remy shot back, his voice sugary sweet.

"I'm not buying for Kuro, sweet. I thought we'd spoil you today..." He caressed his side lightly.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed, love?" Neho retorted still in the sugary sweet voice, smiling up at Remy, eyes flashing a warning.

"No, gorgeous..." He kissed Neho's cheek again.

"I see... Are you sure?"

"Of course..." Remy guided him back in between the clothes before promptly picking out several items for him.

"I see." Neho repeated turning away. Spotting an assistant in the store, Neho called out to her in a loud voice, his voice carrying across the whole department store. "Excuse me miss! This gentleman here seems a little lost! I have no idea who he is but he just approached me looking for red beaded male thongs!" Neho headed towards her.

Remy blinked, before bursting out into laughter.

The woman flushed, hastily approaching Remy. Neho turned, winking at Remy and walked away through the scatterings of gaping people.

Remy put the charm on, convincing the woman that she was the unfortunate victim of a simple lovers spat. Two minutes later he held a wine-red shirt up to Neho's chest. "I think you would look good in red...

Figures you'd choose red. (btw- Remy is a red-head who's favorite color is red. Neho has long pale blond hair with washed out pale blue eyes and a temper) Neho responded. "Is the thong comfortable?"

"Oh, very, thank you. Though I had to got with black in the end..."

"Oh? All sold out on red? I'm sooooo sorry."

"No. Not my size..."

"Such a pity. Maybe next time, ne?"

Hmm... hmm... "Remy slid his hands around Neho's waist again, toying with the bottom of his shirt.

"I'm NOT wearing a THONG. EVER!" Neho pushed Remy away.

"I didn't say a word to that extent, precious."

"You didn't 'need' to." Neho hissed, almost as if he were a disgruntled cat.

Remy smiled at him before caressing a cheek. "Such a lovely flush colour."

"Yeah, I do look 'soooo' good in red, don't I?" Neho snapped.

Remy smiled slightly. "Hai" He let Neho go, whistling a merry tune as he set off down the street.

Neho walked into a store with interesting clothing on display. Giving the tight pants a wide berth, he headed straight for the loose black slacks, eyeing them critically. Remy watched over his shoulder. Neho picked up a pair of the slacks, tossing it over Remy's head before heading off in another direction to an article of clothing that had caught his eye. Snatching it off the rack, before he changed his mind, he hid it underneath a randomly picked up emerald green jersey.

Remy considered the slacks, before putting them back and going to see what else Neho had fancied, if just for a split second.

Neho turned to Remy, smiling sweetly up at him. "Oh, sugarplum? Mind doing me a favour? There was this stall of breadcrumbs a little down the road. Could you go buy me some so we can feed the ducks while I wrap up here?"

Remy raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm quite happy where I am at present."

Neho pouted, sniffing softly. Suddenly he called out loudly. "How could you CHEAT on me like that, you Bastard!?" Neho slapped Remy with a resounding smack before storming off into the dressing room and slamming the door.

Remy snorted. He found himself a chair in front of the dressing room. "You know, love, I think we might want to go to the doctor again. Your episodes are starting to get worse."

" Not my fault you thought my tablets were Smarties! (candy coated chocolate) You ate them all!"

Remy rolled his eyes. "No, those were actual Smarties, love. Your tablets are safe and sound. I assure you. I'll give you some when we get home."

"That's what you always say when you're high, you cheating bastard! And with a 15 year old GIRL of all things!"

"Love, I'd appreciate it if you would come to your senses and stop slandering my sisters good name. We're both aware of the fact I'd never touch her. You paranoia is getting out of hand."

"I see. And what about that12 year old Indian girl, the 17 year old African girl, the 16 year old Chinese girl, the 14 year old Brazilian 'boy'? Were those paranoia too?"

"Yes love, I can't help the fact that my chosen profession brings me into close contact with children. Truly, I implore you. Come to your senses or I shall have to remind you of what I caught you doing to that duck not so long ago."

"Yes... I can see how your profession requires you to continually be 'naked' with children!!!"

Remy rolled his eyes. "I wasn't quite aware a duck could make a sound like that."

"Well at least I have an excuse. I'm on pills. What's 'your' excuse?!"

"I have to deal with you being on pills."

"By 'raping' children? Good one!"

"And raping the menagerie is 'so' much better..."

"At least that's not paedophilia!"

"I don't even know the technical term for your kind of sick."

"The duck is 'way' better in bed than you are!"

Remy burst out laughing. "If you give me the opportunity, I'd gladly prove that wrong..."

Neho glared at the closed door between them. "You WISH!!!" He snorted.

"Oh, but I'm sure I could make it worth your while, Blondie..."

"Aren't you the arrogant, overconfident sod then?"

"No, a wishful thinker..."

"I might consider it, if..."


"You go purchase some breadcrumbs."

"Why do you want me gone so badly?"

"I'm embarrassed,"


"Can't you be considerate for once in your life?"

"I'll wait for you outside..." Remy got up.

Neho sighed in relief. Making his purchase, after adding a few more items, Neho met Remy outside, carrying several packages.

Remy held out a hand. "Misete kudasai."

"Iie." Neho clutched the packages close, flushing." Remy gave him a look before smiling and ruffling his hair. Neho jerked away, glaring at Remy out of the corner of his eyes. He set off home. Yes, he actually had one, not that he resided there often. Remy smirked following only to get the door slammed in his face. Slipping into the bathroom, Neho placed the parcels down deciding to change and try on one of the outfits. Slipping out of his grey trousers and pale blue, sliver embroidered shirt, he slipped on his chosen outfit. Appraising himself in the mirror, he frowned. This was more than he was accustomed to. The white pants weren't tight, nor were they exactly loose either. They fit him rather snugly. These were complimented by a rich deep blue elegantly cut, long sleeved shirt. Neho was uncertain as to whether he liked it or not.

Remy, meanwhile, had slipped into Neho's apartment, uninvited. He seated himself on the bed, waiting for Neho to emerge from the bathroom. Deciding that this was not working for him, Neho hastily changed back into his usual attire. Eying the rest of his impulse purchases warily, he hastily gathered them up. Entering his bedroom, he proceeded in burying them into the nether regions of his closet.


Neho turned suddenly, surprised, one of the boxes still in his hands. "You're 'still' here?"

"Hmm... now I suggest you stop burying your new clothes. I'd like to see them."

"I'm not 'burying' them. I'm putting them away for a more appropriate occasion."

"Yeah, right. However the occasion is quite appropriate to show me."

"Fine." Neho tossed the box he was holding at Remy. "Oogle away."

Remy smiled before extracting a choice selection. "Now, put these on and I will quickly unearth the rest."

"Already did. Don't worry, it fits."

Remy gave him a look before placing the pants and shirt over Neho's shoulder as he headed for the closet. "I could always help you dress."

Neho rolled his eyes, heading for the bathroom. "No thanks, that won't be necessary." While Neho was in the bathroom Remy quietly extracted everything Neho had buried, holding up a pair of black pants for his inspection. Neho changed back into the outfit he had, had on earlier, frowning at his own reflection. Stepping out the bathroom he snapped, feeling rather disgruntled. "Hurry up and look and get this over with."

Remy glanced at him before grinning broadly and walking closer. He ran his hands lightly down Neho's shoulders and side, before kissing his neck. "Stunning."

"Very funny. Now can you let me go so I can change again?"

"I don't think so." Remy purred in his ear before kissing him lightly.

Neho glared at him. "Why not?" He snapped, pushing Remy away. "It's my body. I can do with it what 'I' want."

Remy smiled placing a hand on Neho's hip. "Very well. Mind terribly if I tell you how absolutely amazing said body looks in those clothes?"

"If you want sex that badly, I'm sure we can go bother a 'certain' whore again."

"I fear you misunderstand, love… or do you always react with so much hostility when you are complimented?"

"And yet again you call me 'love'. You don't quit, do you?" Neho entered the bathroom shutting the door and proceeding to change back.

"Nope, pretty much." Remy rapped his knuckles against the door.

"What's the problem 'this' time?" Neho snapped.

"Just open the door quick." Neho ignored him, quickly slipping on the clothes he had originally worn before flinging the door violently open. Remy smiled. The red top and black pants were bundled into Neho's arms and the bathroom door shut. "Those next." Remy commented calmly.

"And what makes you think I am going to be a good dog and simply comply?!" Neho yelled, glaring at the shut door.

"Because I'm asking nicely."

"That's nicely?"


"Fine." Neho muttered getting changed. He exited awkwardly alternating between tugging on the dangly bits hanging off the shirt and tugging the silver rings hanging off his pants. "Happy now?" He queried, his face now complimenting the top.

Remy stared at him with an amazed expression on his face. "Wow." He managed breathlessly."

Neho rolled his eyes, scuttling back into the bathroom and slamming the door in Remy's face. He called back, feeling extremely embarrassed. "That's enough with the theatrics!"

"What theatrics?! You look great!"

"Thanks but no thanks." Neho hurriedly began to change, face flaming.

"Oh, come on. I speak the truth."

"With a few additions for effect." Neho stated simply, tossing the clothes at Remy as he walked out the bathroom.

Remy caught them before folding them neatly. "No, no additions."

Neho paused, glancing at Remy. Sighing softly, he smiled. "Thanks." He exited the bedroom intending to leave it at that. Remy grinned before going after him and wrapping his arms around his waist from behind. Neho rolled his eyes again. "And this?"

"It's called a hug."

"That's not what I'm asking and well you know it."

"Oh… what are you asking?"

Neho sighed in disappointment, walking forward regardless of the arms around him. "Forget it."

"Nope." Remy dug his heels in and planted a kiss on Neho's cheek.

"Could you please release me?" Neho asked softly.

"At a price."

"Is everything about getting something to you?"

Remy considered. "I have to beg and scrape where I can with you." Neho frowned, rather hurt by the comment. He remained silent waiting for Remy to continue. "All I want, Neho-love, is a kiss, after which I'll leave you to do as you like since you so obviously want me gone."

Neho winced at the blatant barb, turning in Remy's arms. That wasn't at all what he wanted. He'd simply wanted Remy to tell him that he loved him. Turning hurt eyes to look at Remy he forced himself to stand tall and respond. "And yet you still insist on taking something before you go."

Remy sighed softly, touching Neho's cheek. "I want nothing if you're not willing to give it."

Neho flinched. "And why do you want it at all?"

"I can't not."

Neho nodded before continuing softly. "I need to start my life over again… you know that, right? Define myself again."

"I'm not pushing." Remy gave Neho a small smile and a wink as he fingered his hair. "You might want to start with a haircut."

"That's not it." Neho shook his head in negation. "I don't know who I am without him. I don't know if you'll still…" Neho stumbled over the next word. "'love' me when I find out. I might turn out to be someone completely different to what you want."

Remy considered this. "We'll just have to see, won't we?" He kissed his forehead.

Neho shook his head. "I don't want to/ I', afraid to… I'm tired of never being special to anyone."

"You're special to me, and redefining yourself doesn't mean you're getting rid of the foundation."

"And what happens when one day you wake up to the realization that I'm not who you thought I was and you don't like who I am?"

I doubt that would happen, Mr Optimism." He touched Neho's nose."

"Does my being a pessimist bother you?" Neho pounced on the first thing that could be considered a problem.

Remy chuckled. "No, I'm optimistic enough for the both of us."

"For how long?"

"Forever roughly, I think." Neho gave Remy a blatantly skeptical look that caused Remy to laugh and ruffle his hair in return.

"And that?" Neho rephrased his earlier statement.

"Love you, brat."

"So now I'm a brat, huh?" Neho enquired chuckling lightly. "That's peachy, just bloody peachy."

"Well, either brat or peach, peach." Remy retorted.

"Look's like you have already decided for me." Neho pointed out still chuckling.

"Have I now, brat?"

"Yup." Neho agreed cheekily. Remy chuckled before kissing him. Neho raised himself up onto his toes to return the kiss for a moment before drawing away and resting his head on Remy's chest, eyes closed. "You're stubborn, you know that? I was about to throw you and my wardrobe out the window."

"Oh, you wouldn't do that love…"

"And what makes you so sure about that?" Neho smiled.

"Too much lifting. You'd rather boot me down the stairs."

"Now that's an idea." Neho stated in contemplation.

"Hey… no booting me down stairs… not today, you'll ruin the mood."

"So? I've ruined the mood dozens of times."

"Hmm… I can always hope, can't I?" Remy kissed Neho's neck.

"For?" Neho grinned in mischief.

Remy nipped his earlobe. "Guess…"

"Now why would I want to do that?"

"Because it's more interesting." Remy tugged on the lobe with his teeth.

"Really? Not to me. Unfortunately you have a one track mind."

"Do I?"

"Yup. You do."

"And what is it stuck on?"

"No idea." Neho pretended ignorance. Remy shrugged before kissing him again, his hands sliding in beneath Neho's shirt to touch skin Neho hummed softly, chuckling lightly. "See what I mean? One track mind. You know, you really need somewhere to go and release all that sexual tension you seem to have an abundance of." Neho persisted in conversation, playfully.

"Oh, do I now? Why don't you help me?" Remy caressed Neho's lower back.

"What? And ruin all the fun? Never."

"But this can be fun too…" He trailed his fingers over Neho's stomach.

"For who?" Neho rolled his head back, a smile on his lips. "You or me?"

""How about us both?"

"And here I'm supposed to take you word for that. Tut, tut. Arrogant aren't we?"

"How about I show you and you take your own word for it?"

"But that would mean, you've won."

"No, no one loses in this game."

"Except for the submissive partner, which… if you recall… I'm not all that keen to be."

"You wanna be on top Neho. I can assure you, I wouldn't mind."

"And when did this change occur?"

Remy looked at him. "There was no change. I simply don't care which position I pull as long as I can have you." Neho started at him in shock, frozen and wide eyed, left utterly speechless by Remy's words and doing a very good fish impersonation. Remy touched his chin. "Neho?"

"Huh?" Neho responded dumbly.

Remy kissed his nose. "Anything you're comfortable with, love."

"What?" Neho was a little lost, still shocked by the 'as long as I have you' comment.

"I just want you, peach. Nothing else."

"You're crazy, you know that, right?" Neho responded, still shocked.

"A little insanity never did anyone much harm."

"Are you sure about that?"


"Oh." Neho sighed, leaning back into Remy. "I still think, you're nuts." He laughed. "Crazy, loco, a few marbles loose, etc…"

Remy smiled dropping a kiss onto Neho's neck. "I think this is perfectly normal."

"Insane, certifiable." Neho continued. He simply loved driving Remy nuts.

"I love you too."

Neho paused his tirade. "Hey! Stop that!"


"You're ruining my tirade."

"That's the point."

"You like ruining all my fun?"

"Only when we could be doing something more fun."

"Like what? Relieving sexual frustration?"

"That sounds like a start."

"And what do we do with ourselves once its all gone?"

"Oh, there will be more later, I'm sure."

"Why would there be more if it's been satisfied?" Neho retorted playfully, enjoying the sense of power he seemed to have over Remy.

"Because I get the feeling you're going to make me work for what I get."

"Oh, hell yeah. Can't have things too easy now can we? It's more fun this way."


Neho shook his head, chuckling. "I can't believe this! Did I just leave 'Remy' speechless?"

"Not speechless… you just confirmed my suspicions."

"What suppositions?" Neho quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Oh… the, you enjoying my pain and suffering, etc."

"Oh… that. For a moment there I was getting worried."

Remy chuckled. "What about the suspicions that you want one too?"

"Want one what?" Neho queried in confusion. Remy chuckled before leaning over to whisper all the sordid details of what he wanted to do into Neho's ear. Neho burst out into full blown laughter, throwing his head back in mirth. "Dirty talk doesn't work for me Remy! That was just hilarious."

Remy considered for a moment before smiling. "I'll remember that."

Neho continued to laugh. "And I have to remember to quote you."

Remy's smile broadened. "I'm not sure that would be a good idea."

"Why not?" Neho queried cheekily.

"I'll decide to jump you."

"That might be an interesting sight to catch on camera."

Remy rolled his eyes "Kimi dake."

"I'm sure your brother might enjoy it too. Especially if you tripped and fell."


"Jya, watashi dake jya arimasen."

Remy considered this for a moment before speaking. "Family doesn't count."

"I'm sure I could find someone… somewhere."


"Yup. You're annoying enough to have pissed at least one person off… someone willing to obtain blackmail material, that is."

"Evil, Neho my sweet."

"How can you put two such contrary words in the same sentence?"

"Why not?"

"Which is true then? Evil or sweet?"


"They contradict one another." Neho pointed out.

"Does it matter?"

"Yup…" Neho grinned. "Two contrary concepts don't mesh."

"Doesn't matter, you're evil and sweet." Remy retorted after some deliberation.

"I see." Neho continued to grin responding innocently. "Sweetly evil it is!"


"So what shall I torment you with next, then?"

"Use your imagination."

"Okay." Neho pushed Remy back into the bedroom, pushing him onto the bed before running out, laughing. Remy considered what had just happened before chuckling and laying back. Neho settled himself in the kitchen and happily went about his hobby of baking bread for the ducks he fed. He waited for Remy to show, counting mentally before finally giving up on the wait when Remy did not show. And so the ducks were to have a new batch of bread. Once done Neho settled himself by his window, watching the sunset and then the stars.

Later that night Neho snuck into the bedroom to find Remy where he had left him, upon his bed, sleeping. Seeing that Remy was not going to keep him company, Neho took the bread he had just made and slipped out to go feed the ducks.

Upon returning, he changed into his duck pajama's dug out a blanket and settled himself on the floor to sleep. When he woke, though, he was surprised to find himself upon the bed. Remy was being a good little boy on his side of the bed. Neho shook his head, deciding to ignore this for now. He slipped out of bed and changed before slipping out the apartment to watch the sunrise from the rooftop. When Remy joined him a little while later Neho quirked an eyebrow at him. "Had fun commandeering my bed?"


"I see you woke up at least once."

"Hmm… couldn't let you hurt your back on the floor, could we?"

"Why not? Obviously weren't shy about stealing someone else's bed."

"It is where you left me, after all."

"I never intended you to remain there… I was 'lonely'" Neho added softly. "So I went to feed the ducks."

"Hmm… I was tired and you were welcome to return."

"I did." Neho pointed out.

"But you took your sweet time, precious."

"You fell asleep. What difference did it make?"

"You could have woken me up."

"And ruined your beauty sleep? Never. You need it too much."

Remy shook his head. "Did I put you on the wrong side of the bed?"

"Nope." Neho grinned cheekily. When Remy only shook his head he turned his attention to the sunrise once more and the two of them watched the sunrise together.

- - - - -

A few days later Remy got his ass bound and Neho lost the Semi/Uke battle, uke being the operative word. Neho lay curled into Remy, lightly dozing as Remy played with his hair. "Looks like I lost that one." Neho wrinkled his nose.

"I wouldn't think of it as losing exactly." Remy stated.

"How so? I…" Neho turned blood red, forcing the rest out through unwilling lips. "was BOTTOM!"

"Did you enjoy it?"

Neho buried his face in Remy's chest. "That's what makes it worse." He wailed."

Remy chuckled. "I can be bottom next time if you want."

"That doesn't help." Neho muttered.

Remy smiled before planting a kiss in Neho's hair. "You're no less in my eyes for having enjoyed it."

"I'm less in 'my' eyes. I'm the GIRL!"

Remy chuckled lightly. "Cute."

"I'm not cute!" Neho protested before pulling back and staring at Remy in contemplation. "Oh, shit!" He suddenly began to laugh hysterically.

Remy frowned. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I'm SUB!" Neho responded causing Remy to stare at him for a moment before chuckling lightly. "This is NOT a laughing matter!" Neho sobered up. "You're lifespan has been cut short tooo!"

Remy shrugged. "Who needs eternity?"

"That doesn't bother you?" Neho was incredulous. "At ALL?"

"Nope, not at all. I have you." Remy sat up to plant a kiss on Neho's cheek.

Neho stared at Remy in shock, sitting up as well. "You're serious!"

"Of course."

"You're INSANE!" Neho couldn't think of anything else to say.

"People do crazy things when they're in love."

Neho rolled his eyes, gently hitting Remy over the head. "Smooth, real smooth." Remy chuckled. Neho scowled at him, swiftly shutting him up. Remy grinned, kissing back.


Translations: (For the curious and lost):

ne: usually used as a prompt for a response

Hai: Yes

Misete kudasai: Can I please see?

Iie: No

Kimi dake: only you

Jya, watashi dake jya arimasen: Then it's not only me


Other cultural notes: (That might help):

Smarties: No idea if I should explain this as I have no idea what the worldwide presence of these is but basically Smarties are colourful candy covered chocolate... something in the line of M&M's.

Oogle: to eye something or in this case someone

icksney: basically gibberish used to indicate that you may want to say something but are unable to in the present company... Usually used to illustrate a time when you may want someone else to stop speaking lest the company you are with find out something you wish to keep hidden. In this conext it is used to illustrate that something is forbidden. Basically Remy is trying to say that younger brother verbal abuse is forbidden and inappropriate.

Lunisa moon: Hi, here is the final chapter… very much a Remy and Neho chapter, rounding of the story. This is officially the end. Hope you enjoyed it…