Josh sighed as he handed the final box to Alonzo, who loaded it into the back seat of his car. "That's the last one," he grunted.

Alonzo grinned as he closed the door to his car. "Any last thoughts?" he asked, gesturing toward the apartment building.

Josh turned around to look at what had once been his home. He didn't feel any regrets about leaving it- in fact, he hoped he'd never set foot in that building again. He chuckled, remembering Naomi's similar sentiments she'd expressed when she'd left.

He wondered how she was doing. He hadn't heard from her since she'd moved out, which he hoped was a good sign. When Josh had helped Naomi move, he'd thought years would pass before he was ready to move on. Strange, what difference a few months could make. "Good bye, and good riddance," he said out loud.

"Is that really all you have to say?" Alonzo asked, taking a few steps toward the driver's seat of his car.

"Yeah," Josh answered, not mentioning that for the first time, he realized that the apartment had been killing him. For too long, he'd hid from the world while convincing himself that he was embracing a new lifestyle.

Alonzo shrugged, and a few minutes later, they drove down the deserted streets. Josh smiled, glad that Alonzo had convinced him to move across town to a nicer apartment. Granted, the rent was a little higher, but the building was nice, and it was within walking distance of his new job.

As Alonzo turned at an intersection and Josh saw the flashing lights of the Rainbow Club. With a start, he realized that he hadn't been to the club in months. Did Ralph and the bartender and the others there miss him, or had they forgotten about him?

Josh smiled as he realized it didn't matter whether they remembered him or not. He no longer frequented the Rainbow Club, and no longer felt the need to drink himself into an oblivion every night. He'd started over, and he liked his new life.

The lights continued to flash as Alonzo drove away.