These stories are in no order. Just as they came to memory... What's funny is, I wrote this, and then me and my friend Amy ((from the pen story! :) )) were passing stories back and forth about memories of his class, and then we bumped into him in the hallway. Kinda cool!

The Story of How Mr.Camirand ran over Bambi.

As best as I remember.

We were sitting in class one day, and, for some reason, we got onto the subject of... Not sure what it was, but we began talking about deer, or hunting, or something.

So, Mr.Camirand says,: "Have I ever told you how I ran over Bambi?"

We shake our heads.

"Well, I was driving in my car one day, and my daughter was in the back with some of her girlscout friends. So, all of a sudden this deer pops out in front of my car- it gave me no chance to react! So, I stop the car, and get out. This little deer is lying there in the road, still alive, but badly hurt. It still had the spots- It looked just like Bambi! So, I fell really bad, so I call the police. They come and I'm like: ' Is there anything you can do for it?' So the officer says, 'No, the only fair thing to do would be to put it out of its misery.' So, he gets out his gun, and shots the poor deer in the head- Six times! SIX TIMES! My daughter and her friends are in the back seat, screaming, and screaming. And I look at the guy like he is crazy and say: 'You only had to shoot it once!' And the guy just says: 'You want to take it home?' And I'm like: 'NO! No, I don't want to take the dead deer home!'"

By the end of this story, a lot of us were laughing so hard we were crying. It sounds pretty morbid, and you kind of had to be there, but the way he told it.... It was funny.

These weren't the exact words ((Come one, people, this was a while ago!)), but it is the best I can remember.