His eyes find me,

They search me,

To see if I am worthy of his time.

I hold still,

Hoping he decides I am not worth losing energy,

Not worth the chase.

His eyes,

Amber stones set in an impassive face,

Apricot meeting onyx.

I hold his gaze,

Daring him to come closer,

Bluffing, wanting him to leave.

But lo fate is not with me,

Calling my bluff he approaches,

Confidence in every step.

He calls to me,

His voice that growling thunder,

I shall never forget.

I give a warning,

He just ignores me,

Still coming.

I run,

He pursues,

Cutting me off.

He does not allow me to pass,

Frustrated I lash out,

My claws ripping the side of his face.

He gives a startled cry,

Yanking back,

I lash out again hoping he will be discouraged.

Giving me a wary look he leaves,

I am glad I had no need of fighting,

So glad.

He saunters off,

Tail in the air,

Pride hurt.

Growling his rage,

His frustration,

His disappointment.

He leaves me,

To live in peace for now,

For I am sure I will see that one again.