A/N: I'd like to thank Kakyou Takashiro in particular for letting me use his most wonderful poem "Only For A Moment In Your Arms" as my prologue. Don't let me keep you guys waiting... and just ENJOY!


Only For A Moment In Your Arms

If only for a moment I could feel your arms around me.

If I could feel your heart beat next to mine.

If only I could feel your soft fingers run across my cheek.

If only I could share a moment in time, just you and me.

All that I need.

All that I want.

All that I ever wish to see...

Is your smile.


Nothing more, nothing less.

All that has come to brighten my day.

All that has come to lift my heart.

All that is the contentment of my soul...

Comes from that simple curve upon your lips.

It is the sunshine that rains through clouds,

It is the warming hearth of winter snow,

It is the guiding beam that raptures me.

All that I need,

All that I have come to cherish...

Is that smile...


Nothing more, nothing less.

Every fiber of my body, every part of my soul, and every beat of my heart.

If only I could share a moment in time with you.

If only I could feel your arms around me.

If only...a moment in your arms... if only you would smile for me.

I would be fulfilled, content, and comforted.

"Only For A Moment In Your Arms" - by Kakyou Takashiro )

Bubble Gum

Chapter 1: Heiress

The sakura trees swayed back and forth in a hypnotic motion. My eyes were glued to the falling cherry blossoms outside of the glass window. I diverted my attention to a single sakura leaf, and in a slow yet swooping motion it was drifting towards the ground and as it was about to hit the floor....

"Tetsuya Tanaka!" my teacher's high pitched voice was aimed toward my direction. I jumped, turned around towards my teacher, and in a split second our eyes had locked on to one another's. My teacher was in her mid-20s, had sleek black hair, eyes as sharp as a raven but her figure resembled that of a model's.

"Would you mind telling the whole class what I just said?" she asked testily as the whole class stared at a pathetic me. To no avail, I shrugged and she pitifully stared at me.

"With all the time you waste in here, it's suprising how you manage to have the highest grade in the class," she replied in remorse as I lowered my head in embarassment. "An hour of detention after school, Tanaka" I stared at her, flabbergasted as I tried to explain myself.

"You know better than to drift off in class, that's the third time I caught you this week," she muttered once more. I silently obeyed my teacher and she went on with the history lesson. My pale black eyes thoroughly scanned through the classroom and my eyes had locked onto her.

Like my teacher, she also had the makings of a model. She was slender, yet slightly oval in all the right places and had perfectly shaped legs. Her long hair was black, smooth and straight. Her eyes were nice and round, and her nose was beautifully shaped as well. I slowly undressed her with my eyes and I flushed deeply, but what really drew me in to her wasn't her nicely shaped bosom or her slightly curved bottom. Instead, it was her bubble gum pink lips. Oh, how I would give any thing to taste her bubble gum flavored lips. I prayed to god that after I die he would reincarnate me to that stupid wad of cherry flavored chapstick that she always used to keep her lips shine.

Appearently, her looks weren't the only thing to fantasize about. From what I observed, every guy worshipped her and every girl wanted to be her. She appealed to me as the bold, daring, outgoing type that would take any great measure to getting across how she felt deep inside. Her name was Ayane... Takahashi, Ayane.

As I was about to daze off into my perverted fantasies of Ayane, a loud bell had abruptly interrupted me. "Oh shoot, it's time to go home already." I thought to myself as I slightly frowned. I always hated leaving Ayane and her bubble gum flavored lips. As soon as I packed my books, I came to the realization that I had detention to serve.

The only thing worse then not being able to go home was not being able to go home and not being able to fantasize about Ayane. The teacher had made me write her a page long essay about "The Battle Of Sekigahara" and if it didn't please her, she said that I'd get 20 points off of my mid-term exam, so the essay had kept me busy the whole hour. The hour had passed by fast but I had double checked the paper to see if I was leaving out any historical facts of the essay. My eyes scanned through the paper once more and I quickly read it to myself. "The battle of Sekigahara occured in September Fifteenth of 1600. Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces were lead by Ishida Mitsunari........" she soon collected my essay and gave me permission to leave.

I walked out of the school grounds and had gone to the path of my house. I had to do something... anything that'll get my mind off of Ayane. I started to laugh at my pathetic self. If I had truly admired Ayane that much, then I shouldn't have been worried to confess my feelings toward her. But the fear of rejection was too overwhelming. I increased my pace, with the thought of hating liking someone. My legs grew sore, but I only endured the pain and started running.

After a few minutes, I had stopped to catch my breath when I realized I was already home. I walked up to the front door of my house and dug deep inside my left pocket to find my keys. Then, I finally felt a minute, sculpted object and I pulled it out. Next, I thrusted my key inside the doorknob and I twisted the key to the right. Finally, I pulled my key back out and dumped it into my left pocket. As I was about to reach the doorknob, it had struck me. I came to the realization that if I didn't confess to her, I wouldn't forgive myself. "Besides..." I said to myself, "I know she's going to reject me, but I can't help the way I feel." I twisted the doorknob to the left and opened the door. I took a deep breath and I had entered the house.


"Tetsu..!" I turned my head around the hallway and looked around.

"Kaneda-san" I replied back, as I raised my hand as a symbol of greeting, I walked back to the other direction.

"How have you been doing..?" I asked.

"Don't be so freaking formal man, we're buddies" he replied back carelessly as we walked to class together. Itsuki was 5ft 11, in the basketball team and like all handsome boys... he was always surrounded by cute girls.

"Sorry about that..." I mumbled back, as we went to our usual spot to sit down and eat.

"Tetsu, your quiet today man..." he started as I opened my bento.

"Is something on your mind?" my best friend had concernedly asked as I split my wooden chopsticks in half.

"Sort of..." I replied back as I picked a group of rice and inserted it in my mouth.

"Ehh... I'm here for you man, so if you need someone to talk to... you know who to find" Itsuki opened his own bento, and we had started eating our bento in silence when...

"What's that?" I asked silently, as a stick of bubble gum stuck out of his pocket.

"It's bubble gum, you retard..." He replied back as he snorted with laughter.

"Can I have it?" I asked, as he stared at me as if I was insane.

"Sure..." he cautiously took it out of his pocket and handed it to me. I thanked him and when he began to eat his bento, I had inserted the piece of gum into my mouth. Like any and every piece of bubble gum, it was sweet and full of flavor.

The bell had abruptly rang and that was our cue to go back into class. I had entered the room and quietly sat down until the last bell rang. I was nervous and filled with emotion, but I knew I had to suck it up and confess. As Ayane packed her bags and left the classroom, I had chased after her.

"Ayane-chan!" I shouted, as I mentally slapped myself across the face. I had accidently referred to her by her first name. As a result, she turned around and for the first time... our eyes had clashed.

"Yes?" she replied back in her sweet voice of hers. I just stood still and stared at her eyes... So blue... so calm... and so collected... Her face flushed, and as a result.. I did as well.

"Takahashi-san, I need to tell you something... can we go to a more secluded area?" I asked her as my heart started thumping faster and louder. Before she could respond, I had unconciously grabbed her hand and dragged her to an empty classroom.

"Sorry about that..." I apologized in a careful tone, as I released her hand . She merely stood silent and I had taken in a deep breath.

"Here goes nothing..." I thought to myself as I had averted my gaze to her beautiful eyes.

"Takahashi-san, I like you... ALOT," I answered with a confident and a clear voice. All she did was stare into my eyes, shocked at what I had just said. Then, her eyes had met the ground and she bit her lower lip.

"I'm sorry, Tetsuya-kun but our relationship is... impossible." she had replied back in a studious, gentle tone. Time had froze for a moment, and my heart had stopped pumping.

"Why...?" I began, as she suddenly stared back at me. "Why would our relationship be impossible... is it me? Am I that bad of a person?" I had started bombarding her with questions. Tears began to swell up my eyes, as she slowly walked towards the classroom exit.

As she opened the door, she stared back into my eyes. Her eyes... also full of tears. Her lips quivering, she answered back...

"It's because... I'm a yakuza heiress..."