Chapter 2: Kumicho

My body had twitched, as she quickly left the room. I couldn't believe my ears.... did she just say that she was a yakuza heiress?."No... I could care less about Ayane having a relation to the yakuza," I thought to myself, but what had impacted me more was that I saw tears in her eyes before she left the room.

I made Ayane cry...

I merely sat down in a chair, trying to process in my head what had just happened.

Hours had passed by as if they were minutes, and when I had finally glimpsed out the window.. I noticed the sun setting down. I slowly pulled up the collar of my sleeve to check the time.. "6:07," I read aloud as I finally mustered up the strength to stand up and walk back home.

I walked step after step, my eyes, staring at the ground. "Why...?" I thought to myself, "Why did it hurt so much...?". then I chuckled, because I had almost expected her to say yes.

Pretty soon, I had reached my house and to my surprise the door had been left unlock. I quietly took off my shoes and replied a feeble "I'm home!" to my mother. "Welcome back, Tetsuya" I heard my mother's sweet, gentle voice ricochet off the hallway, as a pretty women in her early-40's came to greet me. "What would you like for dinner, dear?" she politely asked, with a smile in her face.

"Anything's fine, I'm gonna go take a shower now." I replied back carelessly as I climbed upstairs and rushed inside the bathroom. I took off my clothes, entered the shower and turned on the water. A good 15 minutes later, I turned off the water and used a towel to dry myself. I picked up my dirty uniform and dumped it inside a basket and walked along down the dark hall, with nothing but a towel covering me.

I soon approached my sister's room and instead I went inside the room next to her's, though it wouldn't have mattered whether I went inside or not.Our family used to be a family of four, before my sister had moved out and began to attend a university in Tokyo.

As I entered the room, I flicked a switch down and the light in my room had turned on. I quickly dressed into my pajamas and went back downstairs to retrieve my backpack to finish my homework.


"Tetsu..!" Itsuki's low, clear voice bounced off the hall as I merely raised my hand as a sign of recognition.

"Hey, Itsuki," I wore a fake grin and turned my neck around to face him when he had finally caught up to me. We walked along the long halls together, Itsuki.. ranting on about how his fanclub wouldn't leave him alone.

"At least you have a fanclub..." I muttered in a playful tone, as we laughed at my comment.

Itsuki and I was just about to enter our class when...

"Tanaka-san.." a soothing voice called my name, as a result Itsuki and I turned our heads around to see who called my name. But, deep down I already knew who had called me.

"Takahashi-san," I greeted her back, facing her beautiful face and slightly lowering my head as a greeting.

"Can you..." before she continued, I entered the room, took a quick glimpse at my seat in the back and walked over to sit. Itsuki entered a few seconds later, Ayane right behind him. They stared at me, and before Itsuki could walk over to ask me what was wrong... The teacher had entered the room, commanding us to sit in our seats. Ayane bit her lower lip, as she looked like she was about to cry any second. Itsuki, however, obeyed the teacher and without even sparing himself a quick glimpse.. he walked across a row and sat down.

As soon as the bell rang, Itsuki walked up to me and asked what was wrong.

"Nothing..." I lied, as he responded back with that trademark, stone-cold glare of his.

"Tetsu, your such a bad liar..." he responded, as we walked back to the hall together. Itsuki, constantly nagging and asking what was wrong.

"Alright, alright.. I'll tell you at lunch," I replied, we split our ways and went to our next class.

"TETSU-KUN," a feminine yet, slightly immature voice boomed through the hallway. I raised my hand to my forehead, wishing that this day would just end.

"Tsukasa, how many times have I told you...?" I began, as her slender, short figure began running towards where I stood.

"Don't scream when we're inside a building, it's very rude." I scolded, Tsukasa responded back by silently laughing in remorse.

"Yeah, yeah shut up and get to the point already," she demanded, as I pretended to play dumb.

"What point..?" I playfully teased, Tsukasa getting ready to smack my forehead with the palm of her hand.

"Tetsu-kunnnnn, I'm being serious, I meant what happened with the confession yesterday..?" Tsukasa angrily asked in a playful tone.

"Ah... about that," I spoke in a clear, calm voice creating a serious mood, as we turned left.

"You see.. I decided to forget about Ayane-san, and the truth is..." I continued, as the pupils of her eyes expanded. I had abruptly stopped walking, cueing for her to stop as well. I walked over to her as she unconciously stepped back, inch by inch... her round eyes, never leaving mine.

Finally, when she could no longer move, she unwillingly leaned against the wall. When I finally walked over to where she stood, I slammed my left hand on the wall, her flaxen-dyed hair just a few inches away from my hand... I swooned my neck in so close, that our nose almost touched each other's.

"I want you.. and I want you BAD Tsu-chan..." I silently whispered, as I saw the struggle of her trying to prevent herself from squealing.

"Kyaaa..! Te..Te..Tetsu-kun w..w..we can't.." she stuttered, blushing a deep shade of red. We stared at one another for a few seconds then, I began to laugh.

"I can't believe you thought I was actually serious.." I replied back, attempting to stifle out my mad giggling. A few seconds later, her fist had greeted me... me and my face.

"You jerk!! I hope that Ayane rejects your ass..!" she shouted, as she stormed off inside a classroom.

"Wait, Tsukasa I was just kidding," I shouted back, chasing after her as she had only increased her pace.


"Will you stop it?" I demanded furiously, as Itsuki kept blowing and popping the bubble gum he vigorously chewed on.

"Yeah.. it's getting on my nerves as well..." Tsukasa replied in unison, then she continued eating her bento.

"My bad..." Itsuki began. He blew a bubble for the last time and popped it.

"So, let me get this straight... you confessed to her but she rejected you for some "private" reason?" Itsuki had asked, out of confusion. Tsukasa had only stared at her bento. Thinking about which piece of meat to eat next, as I spared Itsuki a nod.

The wind had blown a gentle breeze and our conversation had only ended up in silence. I took in a deep breath and had released back out, a sigh. The rooftop, where we would always eat our lunch together.. didn't feel as homely as it used to feel.

"Ah.. Tsukasa, where were you yesterday?" I asked, trying to stray away from my thoughts.

"I ditched sch...." she began, but just then she was interrupted by the door (leading to the staircase back down to the hall) opening.

An elegant, attractive student with beautiful black eyes and clear blue eyes had entered from the staircase. The wind blew fierce as soon as she had entered. I had just stared, feeling a bit jealous and envious at the wind because it caressed her soft, pink lips.

"Takaha.." I tried to reply, but Ayane walked up to me and had offered me her hand. It was all I could do to stare back at her attractive face, because I was frozen... Frozen in awe. I finally melted back down to reality, and I took her hand. As a result, she helped me get back to my feet and then... our hands parted.

"Please come with me.." she spoke in a clear, crisp tone. I had obeyed and without looking back at my friends, we climbed down the stairs and when we reached the entrance of the hall... we were surrounded by men in black suits.

"Takahashi-san, what's going on...?" I asked, appalled by the men in black suits. She venomously glared back at me, and I had succumbed into pieces.

"We're going to meet my father," the girl I fell in love with, answered back slowly. Then it happened... it was then did I shiver in fear for the first time in my life...

"Y..yo..your f..father?" I stuttered back, as I had stared back in awe.

She had abruptly stopped walking, and stared into my empty, pale eyes. Her voice, reduced down to a silent whisper, "Yes... my father,"

"The Kumicho,"