Jenna smiled the same smile she always did. It lit the room.
The darkest of the shadows dispersed.
Her father gave her a loving peck on the forehead as he handed her the keys to his brand new Jaguar.
Jenna smiled wider. "You mean I can go to the party"
"Well," her father sighed happily, "that and you can keep the car"
Jenna nearly passed out from all the excitement. "You aren't serious"
Her father chuckled and closed her hand around the car keys.
"Yes." Her father chuckled.
Jenna kissed him on the cheek and took off so quick he almost didn't even hear the door open and close.

Jenna wasn't a teenager speed demon. She wasn't a teenager at all, she was 23. She was a bit of a speed demon though.
Topping out at fifty miles-per-hour in a thirty zone, she smiled her smile.
She lived at home. She had to ever since she had her ex-boyfriend arrested for abuse. John beat her up whenever he got drunk, which was everday.
One day Jenna managed to get to her parents' house for a "visit," she hasn't left since then. That was three years ago.
Her parents didn't mind at all though. They love Jenna and were so happy that she had the strength to get away and testify in the trial.

Jenna became a bit agoraphobic after the incident. She never wanted to leave the house unless she absolutely had to. Eventually she ventured out and got a job at a fruit market down the block. One day a drunk man stumbled in to buy a peach and accidentally bumped into her, when he turned around to apologize, she shrieked and ran out.
About a year later she got a job at a newpaper press. She liked her job. She still works there.
That is how she met Kyle, a nice younger man from the mail room.
Kyle and Jenna always went for coffee after work. They talked about music, movies, and video games. The video games were more Kyle's thing than Jenna's but she loved to hear him speak, so she let it go and pretended like she knew what he was talking about.
Kyle was a little bit indie and a little bit punk.
Jenna was a little bit soft rock, and a little bit pop.
All of their differences just drew Jenna closer to him. She was the only man should could trust other than her father.
Jenna told Kyle all of her secrets. She told him about the time her mother caught her masturbating, and her mom walking in and telling her she was doing it all wrong.
Kyle said, "Oh that's nothing, I walked into my parent's room while they were having sex. Then my dad stopped and got off of my mother and said, 'We need to talk about the birds and the bees.' Heh, I was ten, imagine how bad that was for me"
And Jenna said, "I was sixteen when mine happened"
Then Kyle invited her to the party.
"It's kind of a work party, but none of the bosses or snitches will be there. So we can badmouth Mr. Johnston all we want."

The party was only about five minutes away now. One of Kyle's favorite songs came on the radio. The Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse.
Jenna can't help but bop along. It wasn't that she liked the song, it was that the song reminded her of him.

The doors swung open and Kyle was standing there taking a sip from a beer.
"Hey sweety, nice wheels." Kyle kissed her on the cheek.
Jenna was a bit panicked at the amount of alchohol and weed around the place. And some of the party-goers were the underaged interns.
Jenna grabbed Kyle's beer and knocked it back. "So when are they gonna put on some good music?" She laughed.
"What the hell are you talking about? The Arcade Fire rules! Don't tell me, you want a little Britney Spears?" Kyle kissed her on the cheek and laughed. "Not gonna happen at this party sweety, me and the guys running this are all indie."

Jenna and Kyle started wandering around into conversations.
"...then he drank the coffee and said, 'Wow....This is the best....what kind of coffee is this?'" One man said.
"What did you tell him dude?" said another.
"I said, 'It's umm, called Judy Roast!'" The man laughed and so did everyone around to hear it. Judy was the name of the secretary who was a big woman and would sweat a lot. Jenna knew this story, they stole her stocking from the bathroom and used it as a coffee filter.

"So I said to her, 'No ma'am, the pudding was already on the computer when I got here.' And she just pauses and goes, 'Well that's good to hear, go get another keyboard.' And she hands me like fifty bucks. So I bought a pizza and took a spare keyboard from home. I still got ten bucks left." Jenna told the crowd. Guffaws broke among them.
Kyle smiled, ready to better her one. "I caught Mr. Johnston having sex with Judy on his desk and she looked bored and was eating a donut"
There was silence as the drunken crowd tried to shake the image from their minds.
The guffaws of laughter broke out.
"Have you ever seen that woman without something in her mouth?" One man said laughing.
Kyle said, "Well, after the donut was done"
"SHUT UP!" the same drunk said.

"...she fell down on the chair, and when it broke a peice of it flew into Mr. Johnston's computer moniter. Then the moniter fell on his foot and he turned around and saw me standing there. I was just stupidly standing there holding his mail. He pulled up his pants and quickly ushered Judy to do the same... She kept yelling at me for intruding. I guess they forgot that the room had umm, windows." Kyle slowed his speach.
"I need to get home." said one of the drunks.
"Me too." said another.
"Who was the designated driver?" Kyle asked.
"What the hell is a designer driver?" muttered a drunk who was currently on his back on the table.
Kyle slowly tried to stand and then leaned himself against a wall. "I guess its me then"
Jenna was tipsy, but not enough that it would impair my driving ability, she thought.
"No Kyle, it's okay, I'll drive everyone home."

She dropped everyone off except Kyle. When they got to his house, he invited her inside.
They watched about ten minutes of a movie before they started making out. It get heavy and clothes were removed. He softly, yet strongly licked her nipples. She kissed his chest.
They moved to the bed and passionately made love.
Jenna knew she had to get home. So she showered and kissed Kyle on his sleeping and sweaty forehead. She left her hand on his chest for a little while just to feel his heartbeat.

She was doing fifty in a thirty zone when the steering wheel got away from her and she barreled right into a tree.

When the ambulance got there she was already dead, but she had the same smile on her face, but it was fading.

One of her kidneys is headed to Kentucky, the other to California. Her heart is going to a young woman in Florida, and her liver to a boy in Colorado.

On her tombstone it reads, "A Loving Daughter, A Great Friend. From Death There Is Life. January 13, 1982 - August 25, 2005"