It comes . . .

Can you hear it, rumbling your world?

Shaking your senses with dangers unfurled?

See it rain down fire from the sky,

As you cower in fear, afraid to die.

I stand alone in the storm,

Black skies at my command,

Thunder and lightning at my bidding,

Someone has to make a stand.

I stand alone in the fury,

The raging fire flies through the air,

The power is mine, and mine alone,

Take it from me, if you dare.

I stand alone in the maelstrom,

The raw energy driving my soul,

I will not stop, I will not falter,

Not until I take my toll.

I stand alone in the storm,

My time is now; my wrath is come,

You pray, you plead, you scream for mercy,

But you should know better, I love no one.

I wage my war; I thrash your mind,

I beat you down with my tremendous force,

You had time to flee, to get far away,

But now there is no blame but yours.

I stand alone in the storm,

Making my way to wreak havoc anew,

You will never forget me,

Nor will I ever forget you.

I stand alone in the storm,

Only a shadow of my former glory,

But the damage is forever more,

Though now nothing more than a horror story.

I stand alone as the storm,

The brutal ferocity that you survived,

I have may have gone, but my spirit remains,

Haunting you 'til the day you die.

. . . no one is safe . . .