This poem may seem silly but I just wanted to write it down cause it's the way I feel about having to part with my dog Kim, who has been falsely accused by my neighbors who claim she has chased 'their' wild deer that they watch in the evenings. But while they claimed this Kim was in her pen. So now I must say goodbye to her.

Goodbye My Friend by writerforever

Dedicated to my border collie, Kim.

I rescued you from a bad life

You have been my constant companion

To everyone you're just a dog

But to me you're my friend

Now I must part with you

Because you have been falsely accused

By people who call themselves human beings

Those creatures are saying,

"That's dog's mean and she's gotta go!"

I must hug you

And say goodbye

I must watch you be taken away

By complete strangers

To a strange world

You will not understand

You will look at me with sadness and confusion

How can I make you understand?

How can I let you know it's not my fault?

All I will have is memories

Memories of you

Will you remember me?

Will you hate me for what I'm forced to do?

You must understand

I can't keep you caged up forever

So now I must say

Goodbye my friend