And now the gunfire's started
I must make my way
To somewhere else:
I leave a trinket or two
And a love letter
For which I don't care
And run

Turn around, to sound the retreat
But there's nobody left
Except you, my boy
Better make your way across
Burning countryside:
Is this where
You spent your youth?

If this is where you grew up
This will be where you die:
Poetic justice and things

Take a bite from the last piece of bread
And you finish off your water as you try to escape
But there are voices, and gunshots
And there's no-one left alive
Who's on your side
My boy

If this is where you were born
Then this is where you're going to die
I promise you
Don't look back
If you look ahead
They'll get you just the same

You're not making the grade
That you needed to make
You're not running fast enough
Coward, you dropped your gun
And the rest of your lot
Were gunned down long ago:
What's wrong
Did you not realise
That this is Armageddon country?