She stood calmly in the darkened corner of the globe. As her piercing gaze fell upon her fellow companion. Her fragile terrify features were quavered with a kind of happiness. Her hair was short and cut into a punk style. Black and pink streaks covered the mound of straightened hair. Her eyes were a deep violet. Looked as if they knew too much. Her skin a pale tanned iceberg and her lips a lush refreshing voluptuous shade of red. Her porcelain hands were positioned purposely around her mouth. Her skin was creased with the slight smile that she had let slip through her emotionless exterior. He was probably the only one that knew the real her. But even he did not know the full story. Of how she had found her way to the deepest, darkest, dankest part of the world and resigned there.

He wore a long black leather matrix coat that was frayed with the wear. He had long black hair that reached his shoulders and looked like it had not been brushed before. His skin was smooth and tanned and his eyes were glazed over with thought and intelligence. What you could see of the colour was green blue. But not even she could crack his shell. They both had ulterior motives for retreating into a place of no return. Neither knew what the other one was thinking.

They had both talked about this of course they had but the lies and rumours had got in the way too much. Neither could break into the others ones world of demolishes the walls that were now on constant setting.

The glaciers were of thin blue ice. They creaked and groaned with every movement that was made. There was a single blemish on the surreal surroundings, which was a large cave opening. Slightly camouflaged by the thousands of icicles that hung like wind chimes from the roof of the cave. If anyone did stumble across this place they would just see another crevace to avoid. But to this strange pair it was home. Home for the many years that they had lived together. Barely talking. Exchanging few words and smiles. But they seem to have a mutual understanding and acceptance of each other.

In this place no one has to notice you. That's the beauty of the place. You escape everything that made you need to escape in the first place. For most people that is people. In this place you slowly disappear till all that is left of you is a single icicles that hang from the mouth of the cave. There used to be hundreds of kids here in this place. But now there was only two left. Each 15 and each completely alone accept for each other.

The fire was burning bright as they both sat around and waited for the other to say something more than "I am hungry! Over and over again.

Finally she started talking. " I'm Zelda by the way". 3 years had passed since they last met and neither knew the others name.

"Carson. Can I ask a question now we have finally started talking I don't really want to stop"

"Ok Carson ask away nothing else to do this should amuse me for a bit at least"

"Why are you here I mean I know why you're here but how did you get here, what drove you to give up so much"

"You really want to know?"

"Yes I do"

"Ok here it goes

I left when I was 11. As you know even though it is hard to keep track of time. I used to have a good life. I was not rich, not poor though .I think my parents put it as comfortable. Just right I suppose. Well let's start from the beginning. Well my dad died. That sort of blowed my world. I have hated living since then. I have always blamed myself I suppose. In a kind of twisted way it was. My mum gave up as well. She started dropping pills like they were her only medication and drinking. Finally it got too much and she overdosed on heroine. The only two people I had ever trusted had killed themselves one with a gun the other with pills. The next bit is to hazed to really remembered. I remember drugs, sex and some music involved. But to be honest I was basically high or depressed all the time. I know I have the scars on my arms and legs but the pain I think is non existent nothing can ever be as bad as loosing both your parents in the same month I suppose. Well that is what the councillors kept telling me. That it would get better. Just take the pills and I would feel fine. I don't feel fine though I never did! The next bit is almost to haze to remember. I can't even remember trying to take my life. I suppose it was a side effect to the drugs they had pumped my body full of. I always knew there was a place like this. I just sat there most of the time crying. I couldn't control my body it felt like having 1000 different emotions all at once but 50 are taken up by so much anger and sorrow you can't control your brain. I think the last straw was when I mate committed suicide. It wasn't even that. She was in the hospital and asked me to turn off her machine. She had chronic cancer. I said no I couldn't, I didn't. I don't know, I was cared. I was terrified. I didn't want her to leave. I am selfish. She used her last energy to do it herself though. I just stood there as her pupils went still and her eyes rolled up wards. Her grip on my arm released and her mouth let out her final gasp of breath. I couldn't do anything."

Her whole body was shaking. Tears were tumbling down her face like an incontrollable waterfall. Carson had edged closer and placed one hand over her shoulder. His face was stained with tears his other hand covered his face. She didn't need to see his weakness as well.

" I have always remembered her last words, keep going Zel keep going till you reach peace. That's how I got here. As well as about 3 other failed suicides and im here now. I had to come."

Her body had stilled and the tears were starting to cease slowly. It was almost if that was she first sign of emotion, ever. Carson's eyes were starting to relax his glazed screen was coming up. He was dreading the next question. But he knew it was only fair that he told her everything. She had kept some stuff back and in a way he was grateful to her. She said as much as he could bear of someone else's problems. Then she asked him. Straight off. No games. It was fair.

" So why are you here then, I have told you my reasons now your turn"

He just simply nodded a sign of recognition of the question and carried on cooking. He then just started whispering the story. As if he was hoping her not to hear. But she did

" I was poor. Nothing to it really. Scavenging I suppose you would call it. I couldn't deal with it so I left my family there. I regret it badly. I don't know why I did. But I had to do something to escape from the poverty of west London. I suppose my story isn't as sad as yours. Just different. More selfish in a way. But you have to understand, that I have never been anyone's definition of normal. I was bullied in school. Hit on the playground. Beat up in the gigs. So where ever I went I was a punch bag. Some people can deal with that. Call me weak or whatever because I couldn't I escaped and came here."

She knew that he had left out more than he was letting on but she did not push it. She had finally talked to him that is what mattered. They both had said some things they will probably regret in the morning. But that night they were the two closest people in the world. Beside the fire Zelda's hands were blistered and red. Carson picked them off the hot coals she had gripped so tightly to as she spoke. Placed ice onto them and kissed them. He didn't like to see her when she was like this. She had never got over the stuff that had happened in the real world. No one would force her to. This is why they were here. To escape and deal with every ting. Unlike her he had a family to go back to if he wanted to. He doubted if he ever would. But he had an option. She didn't she was alone. Totally alone in a world of hate.

(This is the first story ive wrote in a while i will contnue it when i get a chance)