Movin' by writerforever


Living a life filled with routine

Who doesn't?

Been tired of this life

Getting the urge to go


I'm packing my bags

At the first light of dawn

I'm walking to the bus station

With just an old blue suitcase

Thirty dollars in my pocket

And a heart full of big dreams

As my only companions

I board the old bus

And take a seat next to the window

Heart pounding

Deep breath

I'm on my way

I'm heading to the big city

Gonna go after my dreams

Leaving this little old country town

I'm movin'

Saying goodbye to the old me

It's time to go

I'm movin'

Who knows what awaits me

The dreams

The excitement

The heartache

The joy

I'm movin' on

Gonna spread my wings

Gonna live

I'm movin'