One Word


If a single poem

describing the lush tender young grass

with the tingling scent of morning dew drops

drifting upon the wind as it blows past

out into the cerulean skies and beyond,

The birds now soaring ever so free

amidst the warmth of sunlight in a dream

gliding with the gentle sway of trees

leaving shadows upon the flowing stream,

The gentle sigh of twilight resounds

while the dim sky reveals a faint crescent

hidden covertly behind disappearing clouds

with the hot sun's gradual descent,

Then into the veil of night settling soon

a duet by the stars that twinkle shyly

melodious to the incandescent moon

a lullaby to the world slumbering quietly,

Can be written with one word,

then why not just



Revised: November 21, 2005


A/N: this is the revised version on 'One Word', thank you everyone for your never ending support. i am most grateful to all of you.