Once there was a girl

She thought she was smart
She though she was beautiful.
She thought she was strong
She thought she was caring
She though she was amazing
She thought she was someone
She thought she was everything
She thought that she mattered.

Soon it became an addiction

She needed to be smart
She needed to be beautiful
She needed to be strong
She needed to be caring
She needed to be amazing
She needed to be someone
She needed to be everything
She needed to matter.

Then it all imploded
And she realized

She wasn't smart
She wasn't beautiful
She wasn't strong
She wasn't caring
She wasn't amazing
She wasn't anyone
She wasn't anything
She didn't matter

And everything
That came spewing out of her mouth
Was vile-
Drenched with self-obsession
And ignorant hatred.
For who?
She didn't know

Soon this girl
Stopped talking
Faded away
Into oblivion
Where she was-
And wasn't-
And didn't have to be-
Anything at all.