Burnt Out Lighthouse

But that's okay
I never wanted the attention anyway
My mind is stopping slowly
Taking its time to work this shit out
The chaos is brutal
This life is making me light headed, dizzy
I don't want to wade through this confusion anymore
I don't want to fight the currents
Day after day is just another absurd realization
Where's my lighthouse?
Because I can't see through this fog
I'd keep pushing through this pain
But the bulbs are all burnt out
I'm all used up
My pieces have scattered to warmer climates
I don't know how to live as myself anymore
I'm not so sure of the expectations
The death, the breath, the complications
I'm not sure which road to take
I don't have a map, the signs are too faded
Lost in the dead world of my mind
The blood is falling down, draining, instead of flowing up
I can't brace myself for the next sharp angle
No preparations for the turn
I've lost my way inside myself
Because there's only darkness inside