note: This detials the history of Allyanna. It is a reimagining of the more detailed "Allyanna Mythos" and lines up with "Night of the Long Knives" also the horizontal lines don't really mean anything they just break the timeline into easier to understand "episodes".

Many millions of years before Everborne's coronation – The Seven High Worlds and Bergaria are formed by Ivanharr and are populated by various great races

Several million years (BEC) - Mankind appears on Bergaria created by the powerful being named Ivanharr (which men later call the "All-Father")

60,000? 50,000? – Possible date for Proto-Brigantian Civilization on Bergaria

50,000? – The Ansuzi discover the planet Bergaria. Its existence is kept a secret from the other great peoples of the Seven High Worlds

34,000? - The Ansuzi arrive on Bergaria from Seven High Worlds. They were a hostile war-like race that build many great fortresses across Bergaria. They largely ignore mankind and treat them as equals to beasts. Called "gods" by men.

34,500? - Ansuzi build the massive fortress-kingdom of Oikoumene in the area where the Mizrath Sea lies today.

31,000? - Vanatri arrive on Bergaria from Seven High Worlds. They are a philosopher race that delights in science, poetry and music. Their home world was called Tanais and they are ancient enemies of the Ansuzi. Also called "gods" by men; some men know that the two races were different, but most do not.

30,100 - 30,050? – After centuries of standoff, the Ansuzi capture the Vanatri princess Heid and abuse her. A massive war begins. The Ansuzi are led by a dark and cruel general named Oshár. Eventually, the Vanatri capture the fortress of Oikoumene with help of men from the Gastropnyr clan. Gastropnyr are given by the Vanatri gifts of fire, language, and letters (runes). The Gastropnyr chief, Hersir, also receives a steel medallion that would make its wearer impenetrable in combat (the device was considered magical by men at the time but this is unlikely; the Vanatri did not consider themselves to be magical in any way).

30,000? - Hersir becomes High King of Gastropnyr kingdom of Thule near the North Pole. Vanatri andmost Ansuzi leave Bergaria and return to seven high worlds. Some elements of Ansuzi culture linger beyond the borders of Thule.

Unknown date? - Thulean civilization ends by unknown causes.

7,000? - Djin appear in Bergaria from Seven High Worlds. They are race somewhat similar to the Ansuzi and Vantri but more similar to men in appearance. The build many cities in the warm sunny region later called Valonia.

6,730 – the deviant Djin lord, Samael, occupies ruins of Oikoumene and makes war on the other Djin lords in Valonia. Thousands of Djin join Samael. Djin Wars begin, also called War of the Sands, or Man-Djin Wars (only referring to human involvement).

6,508 – Human Inacarians (called Lähin in the Djinic tongue) sail to Valonia under their King Inacarius (Faorl in Djinic). They were a strong nation in the North but severe storms and harsh winters push them south.

6,493 - Inacarius (Faorl) enlists his army into the service of the Djin lord Elinoth

6,475 - Djin of Oikeoumene develope a deadly disease and use it to attack human populations.

6,450 – Elixius, a Lähinic warrior of extraordinary skill saves an entire town from a disease-attack by offering himself as a sacrifice. The Djin of Valonia manage to heal him for his heroism. They use unknown "magics" and for the rest of his days, Elixius is free from illness.

6,430 - The Djin of Valonia find a way to nullify the Djin of Oikeoumene's disease.

6,403 - Lähin and Valonian Djin capture Oikoumene. Samael's lieutenants: Therion, Duwine, and Keorlan escape and plan revenge on Mankind. Samael is killed and his body is burned.

6,453 - 6,403 - Lähin and Djin live together for a time in Valonia. The Lähin model their culture off the Djin. The Lähinic language developes, heavily influenced by Djinic

6,403 - Djin return to the Seven High Worlds. Some Lähin go with them.

6,393 – One hundred years after their alliance with the Djin, the Lähin found the Valonian Empire. Faorl's son Denstar is first Valonian Emperor.

6,230 – Elixius dies while hunting in the mountains, a stray arrow strikes him in the back. A spring forms beneath him granting all who drink it a life free from illness. The spring is lost for a terrible long time.

6,000 - by this date the Valonian Empire covers most of Allyannan continent.

5,344 - Valonian nobleman, Delron, attempts to usurp Throne from his cousin, Hatire the Green. He is sent into exile.

5,340 - Delron, in exile, conjures Therion Magmion (later called the "Black King"). Therion possesses Delron and raises army amongst the savages.

5,337War of the Black King begins. Battle of Thedis. Delron-Therion's army destroys city of Thedis. Valonian Emperor Hatire raises army, but not in time. Delron-Therion lays siege to the town of Kitan.

5,334 - Battle of Kitan in Devalonia (north of Valonia) ends. Devalonian Warrior-Prince Athûlion slays Delron-Therion. Athûlion becomes hero in Allyanna. Therion possesses Athûlion on the battlefield and uses him to quickly regain a following and usurp Hatire. Athûlion-Therion becomes Anti-Emperor.

5,334 - 5,296 – Emperor Hatire and his supporters battle the forces of Athûlion-Therion (Who is called "Lord Zilla" by his supporters, and the "Black King" by his enemies). Hatire's son Laithan is a hero in the war. Many great men and women gain renown in the conflict and many great legends are told of their deeds.

5,299 – Lord Zilla recovers the steel medallion of Hersir from the Far North, which makes its bearer impenetrable in combat.

5,296 –Lord Zilla, bearing the steel medallion, fights the Emperor Hatire the Green on the Plains of Zin. During the battle, Hatire shatters the medallion with his war hammer and then disembowels Zilla and thus Therion is extinguished. Hatire dies of his injuries. War of the Black King ends. "Zillans" retreat from the Empire and establish a kingdom in the Northern realm of Diordal. Hatire's son Laithan is crowned Emperor. Laithan forges the sword Durindana from the remains of the medallion. It becomes an heirloom of the Imperial House.

5,250 - Fortresses built at Trosterras, Dosterras, Trinovant, and Asmar to guard the Valonian Empire from Diordali raids.

4,623 - Emperor Denstar V backs a coup in Diordal replacing the Zillan warlords with an Empire-friendly Norðric king named Tyrben. Raids cease, Zillans temporarily disappear from records.

4,616 – Opalansorum (Lähinic for "City if the Gallant") built in memory to those slain in the War of the Black King and the later conflicts against the Diordali.

4,602 – Denstair V dies and is succeeded by his son Tallihr.

4,000 – the Cimri first appear in the records of the Empire. They claim to be the remnant of a civilization far superior and more ancient than that of Thule.

3,200- 3,220 – the Cimri invade an island beyond the boundaries of the Empire. After a long war with the native Fomorians, they establish a kingdom they name Cimri-Farawis (Brigantia in Lähinic). A legendary scholar named Farsaidh (Phenius in Lähinic) is made king.

3,068 – Emperor Küningaz is killed while hunting a hart. He is 62 years old. He is succeeded by his daughter Ydalia.

3,066 - Ydalia goes into exile. She appoints her cousin, Auroleus, as Emperor regent.

3,066 – 3,032 - While in exile, Ydalia visits many other kingdoms incognito including the distant isle of Brigantia.

3,032 - Ydalia returns from exile and is restored as Empress. Lives on as Valonia's most noble monarch.

2,988 - Ydalia dies at age 96. Her grandson, Agoreus, becomes Emperor

1,003 – A deadly disease called the "Great Blight" makes its first recorded appearance.

897 – The Great Blight spreads rapidly into a huge epidemic.

895 – By this date 12 million have died from the Great Blight. Emperor Hexorus II assembles a group of wise men, physicians and apothecaries to find a cure or treatment for the blight.

891 – Curnunnos, a Mizrathi king and warlock travels to Valonia and joins the group of scholars searching for a cure. Curnunnos suggests calling upon the spirits of the Djin who died in the Djin Wars. Curnunnos calls upon evil spirits for a cure for the Blight. A cure is found. Millions are saved. Curnunnos uses the Emperor's facilities to conjure Evil Djin lord Keorlan Tartaros. Keorlan immediately kills Curnunnos and all of the wise men. Keorlan, in a fury, possesses the body of a great lion and terrorizes the Valonian Capital.

890 – Emperor Hexorus II kills the lion and Keorlan flees to the Deserts of Zin where he regains his form as a Djin.

880 - 800 – Keorlan builds himself a new body - stronger, larger, and more powerful than before. He gains a large cult-following among the desert dwellers (mostly of the "Kaenim" tribe) through threats and empty promises. (note: many of the desert dwellers were closely related to the Mizrathi of the NOTLK timeframe, many were already Djin-worshippers when Keorlan arrived there. Another large percentage worshipped the Ansuzi gods)

650 – Keorlan begins experimenting with human genetics and breeding.

350 – Keorlan breeds a powerful race he names the Nephilim

257 – A large force of Nephilim warriors attacks the Valonian fortress of Asmar. The city is leveled. War of the Nephilim begins.

257 - 240 – War rages on. Again, many heroes and heroines emerge defending Valonia.

255 – Keorlan conquers much of Eastern Allyanna and establishes the Kingdom of Kaenyk.

241 – Setus and Ansley discover spring of Elixius and drink from it. They both gain a special gift of a long life free of disease.

240 – The Valonian capital is under siege. Emperor Jonus IV has the city well defended. Setus and his lover Ansley, call upon the Djin lord Elinoth using a secret prayer passed down from Faorl (ancient leader of the Valonians). Elinoth, and a host of the Djin, descend from the Seven High Worlds and destroy the Nephilim hordes. Keorlan flees northwards; he takes the surviving population of Nephilim with him as well as a group of loyal "Kaenim". Elinoth returns to the Seven High Worlds with his host. War of the Nephilim ends. Setus and Ansley marry.

210 – Aniba born to Setus and Ansley

175-135 - Earthquakes shake Valonia.

135 - Massive wave inundates Valonia. Setus and Ansley drown along with millions. Cities smothered. Aniba remains safe, as he has been living in Devalonia. Many Valonians escape into Allyanna or seek refuge in the higher ground that survives to form a chain of islands.

108 – Bervis becomes the first man to claim himself as King of the Island-Ruins of Valonia. Some view him as the legitimate "Emperor" as all of the former Valonian landmass is under his control.

100 – Keorlan becomes king of Diordal. He begins to rebuild legions by breeding serviving Nephilim with Diordali.

78 – Aniba marries Kherra, a Devalonian noblewoman

77 – Hera born, daughter of Aniba and Kherra

75 – Allen born, son of Aniba and Kherra

71 – Orlyn born, son of Aniba and Kherra

70 – Hasaly born, daughter of Aniba and Kherra

68 – Koralda born, son of Aniba and Kherra

66 – Sismun born, son of Aniba and Kherra

64 – Ebbin born, daughter of Aniba and Kherra

61 – Tair born, son of Aniba and Kherra

50 - Valadus is crowned king of Dosterras (an old Valonian fortress in Eastern Devalonia). Nearby towns and kingdoms flock to his banner. His most loyal friend, Aniba, builds the community of Leto on the river Perath on the site of a much smaller Valonian town named Hurumbain. Aniba's first son Allen is its first resident.

26 - Valadus dies when his horse falls into the River Ghursh, drowning him. Aniba succeeds him as king.

25 – Bervis dies and the island realms of Valonia fall into anarchy.

24 - Troatt (a descendant of Emperor Auroleus) becomes the king of an island (popularly called Bervisium), which was Mount Gijon, the highest peak in old Valonia. He renames it Troatia.

23 – Kherra dies. Aniba goes into mourning, giving up rule of Dosterras to Palius (nephew of Valadus)

19 - Palius drowns while fishing on the River Perath. Aniba is elected king by the people of Dosterras

15 – Aniba gains popularity spreads throughout Devalonia. Many local kings recognize him as the "king of kings"

0 - Aniba is crowned Emperor of Allyanna by the king of Trinovant. He gains the epithet "Everborne" because of his prolonged youth. Devalonian kingdoms of Trinovant, Northriclande, Hirania, and Kartan officially join the Allyanna Empire. Mizrath (home to warring clans and tribes), Harthan (disunited), and Hargozia (later called Nufa-Troatia), and Troatia do not join the Empire.